If You Only Have 10 Minutes Between Appointments

8 years ago

For many of us our days look like one fast moving train from one to-do to another. Down-time is hard to come by and often the stress level gets so high you can't stand it. Often, there are snippets of time in your day that you can claim to either get things done or de-stress. Believe me, if you capitalize on these little 10 minute miracle moments you can not only be more productive but also claim more free time for yourself.

Here are five things you can do in those little 10-15 minute windows of time that often crop up between meetings and other appointments to tame your to-do list and create some breathing room.

Return Phone Calls or Emails
You know those little quick phone calls you need to return to answer questions, schedule client and personal appointments, or leave a message? You can tackle at least several of these in less than 10 minutes. Keep a list of them handy and then when the window of opportunity shows itself you have the direction and focus to move through them. An added bonus: if you need to return a call to someone who is long-winded you have an easy escape route because your next meeting starts in less than 10 minutes!

Same principle as the phone calls.  Since you should only be checking email several times a day (instead of hitting send/receive obsessively) these windows give you a chance to receive and handle a chunk of them in small bites.

Organize Your Paper
Don't let paper pile up until you are overwhelmed and out of control. No one wants to face hours of filing or shredding.  You can totally get and stay organized if you tend to it for just a few minutes.  Here are ideas of things you can do in  two minutes or less to get organized and tame your paper.

Recharge Your Mind and Body
Use those found minutes to detach and disconnect.  Get away from the computer.  You can exercise. You can meditate.
You can grab a moment when your toddler is not underfoot to breathe. The point is to shift your energy, get your body moving or into stillness and just BE for a few moments.  You'll walk away energized, more clear headed, and more productive.

While this task is ideally completed at the end of the day, if you get a chance to do it during the day by all means take it.  Prioritizing your to-do list and scheduling the most important items each day you'll be more productive and be able to step away at the end of the day to avoid burning out.

Do Your Daily Marketing Task
If you own your own business you are always marketing.  Having something you do daily is important. So whether it is one phone call, one email, a touch of research, or executing your social media strategy you can make  marked progress by grabbing incremental chunks of time and using them wisely.

Reclaim the little snippets of time that crop up while you are waiting or in between appointments/projects and make them work for you. Whether it is to get something off the to-do list or simply to create breathing space to recharge your energy it'll make you more productive and effective.

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G. Company, offers life and business coaching for women to help you break through your limitations so you can experience more money and meaning in your personal and professional life. Get the free eCourse "5 Steps to Move from Fear to Freedom & Experience Greater Confidence" at her website.

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