If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be?

While I was driving to my friend's house for some much-needed girl time therapy yesterday, I saw a small plane overhead going in for a landing at the local airport. I couldn't help but feel longing for its ability to take off, sail through the air, and explore the clouds. I've always loved watching birds for the same reason. They have true freedom and don't need to follow any rules. They can take off and have their wings guide them wherever they want to go. I've always yearned for the ability to fly. I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to simply stretch out my arms and glide through the air feeling the wind rush at my face, whipping my hair back, smelling all of nature at a heightened level. If I could have any superpower, it would most definitely be the ability to fly.

I remember in third grade making kites from plastic garbage bags, heading down to the large grassy yard by the willow tree at school, and watching the hand-made kites in awe as they shot into the air and swayed with the breeze against the backdrop of the gray storm clouds looming behind. I was fascinated and completely captivated by their movement; they danced with the wind. I yearned to be one of them. After that, I would daydream about taking off from the same grassy knoll and flying through the sky with nothing but my own body and mind to make it happen.
If you could choose any superpower to possess, what would it be? Usually, when I ask people this question, they know immediately what they would want. This always surprises me, but I suppose it shouldn’t. I mean, I’ve known my whole life what ability I’d want; I’m sure other people have fantasized about the same thing as well. The most popular answer I get is teleportation; people just want to be able to escape to any destination at any moment within a split second. It’s interesting that the characters who have superpowers in movies, television, books, and comics usually use them to help others, but I have found that most of us want a power that will simply help ourselves. Hey, I’m not judging; I’m one of these people. I think most of us do plenty in our lives to support and care for others, that it’s only natural we would fantasize about something to make ourselves happy. In fact, I think it’s healthy that we would gravitate towards happiness for ourselves. Besides, we all can’t be Superman, right?
Daydreaming is beneficial to our psyches. It allows us to push boundaries within our minds, think of impossibilities as realities, and enhance our creativity. It’s telling that most people to whom I’ve asked the superpower question daydream about having an ability that would allow them to escape from their present moment.
Any time I've watched Peter Pan, I've always felt jealous of Peter, Wendy, and the other ones for possessing my longed-for superpower. Why can't I get some damn pixie dust? I've always ached for that ultimate freedom, the feeling of being solitary in nature above all the noise, the knowledge that I could go anywhere at any time. I suppose our imaginations are here for this purpose: to allow us to escape from reality and fly into a world only dreams can create.

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