If Google is God, Apple is Jesus

6 years ago

It isn't long after entering the realm of blogging and social media that one becomes acutely aware of the power of Google.

-Google is far and away the most commonly used search engine.

-Google dangles its top secret algorithm, almost tauntingly so, at big business and SEO gurus alike.

-With a click of a mouse, Google can knock out major players like JCPenneys for not playing by the rules.

And if that isn't enough? Don't forget that "Google" has become a verb.

That right there makes them the King Bad Ass.

I dare not mess with Google, this I know.  Though very recently I became aware of another force to be reckoned with in this world.  And that force?  Is Apple.

Image Credit: Mac Users Guide

I've had my iPhone for 3.5 weeks now, and have already been sent a few gentle reminders as to Apple's stronghold over me.  If I was smart, these reminders should have been enough.  Shame on me for not heeding these warnings and further endangering myself.

And shame on me for thinking Macs weren't worth their cost.

My faithful, supportive tweeps saw the blood bath unfold over the past few days, and were there, holding my hand, telling me it was going to be OK.

I've known for a while that my HP laptop was reaching the end of its life, and for almost as long, have been enduring Craig's unrelenting persistence on the awesomeness and superiority that is a Mac laptop.

All this, yet I resisted.

I hemmed and hawed.

I argued.

I made valid points to the contrary.

Practically speaking, it was just too much of a splurge.  How could I really justify the cost?

Well, I did find a way to justify the cost.

Or at least temporarily.

Our voyage to Best Buy yielded MacBook Pro #1 instead of the Dell I had been eyeing.  Upon returning home, I placed my new, uber-expensive Mac on the table and walked away.  The day turned into night, and the night into morning.  Still that Mac remained happily ensconced in its factory-issued cardboard case.

All of this drove Craig crazy.  He did not understand why I wasn't sure enough to break the seal.  Though at the same time, he wanted me to make a decision and be done with it.  After too much discussion he uttered, "If you are this unsure about opening the Mac, then that's a sign.  Let's take it back and get you the Dell."

I felt amazing relief when he headed out the door to return the Mac.  A short while later, he returned home with my new Dell and I opened the box with glee.  I plugged it in, turned it on and began set-up.  But when I opened my 2nd browser tab, I heard the all-to-familiar-and-incredibly-dreadful sound of the fan kicking on.  You see, my HP laptop has chronic problems with "running hard," staying cool and maintaining performance.  At least a few times a day I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete my browser because my fan is running on high and my computer is unresponsive.  I've learned to adapt to it over time, but that problem is one I'm yearning to escape, so hearing that fan kick on made my heart sink.

Craig noticed my lack of enthusiasm immediately, and after dinner, he took the Dell back to Best Buy to return it and - you guessed it - buy me MacBook Pro #2.

I was as happy as a clam when he returned home with it, and got it opened and running within a few minutes.  I installed iWork, and all was right with the world come bed time that night.  But when morning came, I was hit with a one-two punch by the Almighty Apple.

My brand new, freshly opened MacBook would not start. 

In fact, it was totally dead.

A call to Apple Support and a follow-up visit to Best Buy confirmed my greatest fear: my MacBook was DOA and I needed a new one. When I left the store that morning, I left with brand new MacBook Pro #3.

Now my precious, sacred baby is at home, nestled snuggly into bed.  It's getting the proper attention and care it expects.  And it's getting the best pampering a laptop could imagine.

I firmly believe Apple was punishing me for ever doubting its products.

But Apple?  I now bow down to you.

Consider me schooled.

I promise that it will never happen again.

Have you ever had buyer's remorse over a big purchase?  What type of computer do you have? 


Liz writes a personal blog at a belle, a bean & a chicago dog, tweets from @bellebeandog and helps small businesses use social media at Eli | Rose Social Media.

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