Ideas for Thrifty Living

5 years ago

Sharon Munroe

At Little Green Beans we like to promote both green and thrifty living. For many of us, the focus is on reusing and recycling, including consigning our gently used items and shopping at resale stores. For others, this is part of a broader plan to cut expenses so that we can enjoy experiences spent with our family and not just accumulate material things. Today we are going to give a few tips on how to be thrifty - beyond consigning at our store Little Green Beans.

Thrifty is defined as - (of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. Focus on “not wastefully.” Thrifty living doesn’t mean you are living poorly or not allowing yourself or your family certain luxuries, it means you are thinking about your purchases. Thrifty living means you are catching the deals and steals when shopping. Clipping coupons is on example of being thrifty, however, extreme couponing can become excessive and you may end up donating purchases so they don’t go unused.

Below are a few tips from 7 Tips for Thrifty Living by Christine Louise Hohlbaum:

1. Electricity doesn’t come cheap. Heat-producing appliances such as dryers and refrigerators burn up enormous amounts of energy. Tip: Consider purchasing an energy saving appliance. Turn down the refrigerator in the cooler months. Hang your wash outside instead of using the dryer. Unplug appliances while not in use. It will save you money, and the clothes smell fresh!

2. Instead of that expensive weekend at an amusement park or that ski trip that costs a bundle, take a bike ride or hike with your kids or check out a new park to go sledding (weather permitting). You’ll get some exercise and needed fresh air while creating memories with the kids.

3. Children usually like to draw. If your little Picasso is eating up all of your expensive computer printer paper, think about this. Tip: Consider using paper bags or recycled office paper for some of their artwork.

4. Spending time away from the kids is an important break most parents need periodically, but babysitters can be expensive. Tip: Consider swapping babysitting with a neighbor or friend, at least some of the time. It will reduce the cost of going out with your partner, and you’ll benefit from a night on the town for less.

5. Entertainment need not be expensive. Tip: Rent a video instead of attending a movie in a theater or play board games or cards at home. Invite your friends and have a potluck supper. Now you’ve multiplied the fun without the extra cost of parking, movie tickets, and refreshments!

For more tips on how thrifty living, especially with a family visit Frugal-Families online.

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