I'd Split Myself In Two Or Three

Yesterday's writing prompt was: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Here are my thoughts. 

If I could live anywhere, I would live in Wisconsin in the spring and summer, except in the early mornings and evenings when the mosquitoes are out looking for my blood. The change of seasons here is especially nice, and our autumns are spectacular. Although we don't get much of a spring, it is always so nice to see the first robin in the yard and watch for buds on the trees and perennials. You know, you can see just a dash of color in the trees when you are driving in the late winter and early spring. I often prematurely proclaim "I SEE BUDS" to hubby. Sometimes I say this in February when there are no buds yet, and I do it just to make him smile because I know full well we still have at least 2 months of winter left.


I would live in Albuquerque from November to March if I could live anywhere I wanted. Of course I would want to be there for Balloon Fiesta in October, but I would be happy just making Balloon Fiesta an annual camping trip. Since I am wishing here, I wish we had an RV parked in Albuquerque so we could travel the west like we do the midwest, north and east with the Dewsweeper. I would want that RV to be parked in the fairgrounds in Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta!
the view from our back porch in Albuquerque

Santa Fe sky

santa fe 

Now the splitting myself in two part...

Nikki and Quinn 
Nikki and Quinn at Lake Michigan

What I have learned in my 56 years of life is that home is where your heart is. And my heart is split up into pieces. Part of it is in Philadelphia with my son, another part is in Leola PA with my mom and stepdad, another part is right across town with the daughter and grand babies, and yet the other part, the center of my heart is right here by my side most of the time and I would live anywhere with him. Before we moved me to Wisconsin, I had told him (and he agreed) that I'd live in a cardboard box with him if necessary. The only place I want to live is by his side, and that is no matter where he is. We've lived in some pretty nice boxes by the way. :)
 I Love Him SO Much
So teleportation might be my answer.

What about you? Where would you live if you could choose anywhere? 
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