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3 years ago


What is my best communication tool? Speaking or writing? Well, I write a blog so I vote for writing.

Remember in junior high school how we passed notes? Between classes. Hand to hand or slipped into a locker. Note writing was a freaking art form. And the love notes? Come on...for days I tell you! Lengthy, heartfelt, using different colored pens with amazing borders...Art work. Museum quality.

Yes well for me that never really ended. In high school I had a thing I did with one of the Jeff's in my life...he sat behind me and I would write something like,

"How was your weekend"?

And then I would pass it back to him...on the sly, because I am and was super sly...

He would reply and write on the next line and get it back to me...and on and on for both sides of the paper...for the entire class. Except test days because hello???? Straight "A" students much? DUH!

As we grew "closer" the notes became more intimate and sexual in nature. Practically porn. I mean a high school version of porn...in 1981. He had a girlfriend though. (Keep reading)

I know that because of these notes, we started sleeping together. Fully skipping the next class (journalism), and going to his house for a quickie. What the hell???? (No regard for the girlfriend)

I am an amazing note writer I guess.

My last blog was about talking too much...so basically I am an over achiever in the communication department. Sue me.

My long term college boyfriend spent every summer back home in New York. I wrote him letters weekly. I decorated the envelopes and sent him topless pictures that I had taken in the photo booth at Woolworth's on my lunch hour. It was a fabulous form of communication.

Today, the only actual handwritten notes I write are for my girls'. Excuses for missed days at school. Permission to do this or that. The only creativity I get to show in these notes is when I sign them with my fancy schmansy signature. All flourish and flowery.

I did write my daughters' teacher a note at the end of their tenure at the elementary school. I pulled out all the awesome I could muster. He was a fabulous teacher and I let him know in my way. With a long letter of thanks.

Every time I argue with my husband I think...well I should write him a letter and let him know how I am feeling...but I do not. We are not in the 8th grade and I can talk it out with him. I just told my eldest that her issue with her friend needs to be discussed. Face to face. I advised her to keep it simple. Talk about your feelings.  "____________, you hurt my feelings. I wanted you to know".

I may have made the off handed comment that she could always write a note...The poo-pooing I got was hurtful I tell you. She said, and I quote, "we don't write notes Mom, we text".

I cried.

But then again they don't write in cursive either. They type.   

The lost art of letter writing....bring it back. I have about 7 boxes of cool, blank note cards. We can start small.

I have to go. I inspired myself to slip a love note into my husband's gym bag.

What a day! Inspiring people one at a time…starting with me.

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