I was kicked off my son's Facebook page...again...

4 years ago

This morning I was on the internet stalking checking up on my friends life using the legally approved search method called facebook when what pops up in the bottom left hand corner of my screen...my firstborn has updated his "LIFESTYLE" status!!!  First off, I'm shocked, my son has a lifestyle?  How can that be?  When I left for work this morning he was still in bed.


(This is how I still view my son)


And now he's in a relationship? It's time to hit the pause button...(Oh wait, there is no pause button, unless my husband paid the cable bill for this month.) But half the time I hit the pause it doesn't work anyway...probably because someone borrowed the batteries...and in my house with three kids still living there, there are too many suspects, and each and everyone of them will have an airtight alibi.

 My son has an "updated lifestyle status..." And there's nothing I can say about it, because if I do, he will exercise the only option he has while still living at home while attending college. He will unfriend me. And I suspect the only reason I actually saw his status update is because he forgot I'm still one of his friends. I forced him to friend me after he unfriended me the last time for hitting "like" one too many times after one of his many "The Brewer's rule" status...can't remember which one...One, to my son, is too much.

Son..."Ultimate frisbee was great!"


Son..."I warned you..."

Leaving me unfriended, and out of the loop in his life...shoot, even my brother who I rarely communicate with has been able to maintain his friend status...and he hits the "like" button way more then I do!!! Life isn't fair sometimes...I suppose I could just ask my son "how's it going.."

Son..."Why are you asking me that? What do you want to know?" Mom..."Nothing, just wondering how you're doing..."

Son..."You're always asking me how I'm doing...I'm fine...stop worrying about me...cut the umbilical cord mom...I'm a grown up..."

Mom..."You sleep in my basement..."

Son..."Most kids under 30 sleep on in the basement thanks to today's economy and dismal job opportunity...and we don't have a basement!!! I sleep on the couch."

Mom..."And I'm grateful for that son, otherwise I'd never see you.

 (How my son views me...he thinks I should be on a leash sometimes)...But I'm going to print this post with no fear, because as far as I know, he doesn't read Blogher, yet. 


Cindy Huber


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