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5 years ago
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Mississippi, My Home

William Faulkner

B.B. King

      I have been so fortunate to be able to live in several areas of these United States. I am from Georgia, where my family settled after moving there with the US Army. My father retired at a Georgia Army Depot and worked there in the Civil Service so my parents stayed on instead of moving back to where they were originally from which was Kentucky and West Virginia. I wonder how many people have moved to a new area and ended up retiring there due to the military. My husband and I now live in Mississippi after he retired from the US Army here at his last duty assignment. We love it here and the county we are in reminds me so much of the place where we grew up in GA. 

     We have lived in Europe twice and in Oklahoma twice, and we have had one tour in North Carolina and two separate tours in our home state of Georgia. When we moved here to Mississippi, my husband had a couple years left in the service. We just fell in love with the area, the state and our community and decided to make this our permanent home. Canton Courthouse Mississippi has quite a reputation in the media as I have noticed. I don’t think this poor state will ever live down the Oliver Stone film, “Mississippi Burning” which was a mixture of truth and false information as many of Stone’s pictures are a mixture of fact and fiction. The film, “Ghosts of Mississippi” is a more accurate film of the actual events on the murder of Medger Evers and I think depicts a more accurate tone of the time in all US states regarding civil rights than the Stone movie. It is a tragic disservice to the people (of all races) of this state to hold it against them and this reputation only hurts everyone in the state.

Vicksburg Bridge over MS River

     The major cities here are truly a business’s dream come true for low priced leased warehousing, land, and even river and lake front properties not to mention low taxes. The city of Jackson is on one the largest southeastern to southwestern routes. It should and could serve as a central transportation hub for all goods moving out west. The city has the space for warehouses, business complexes and would be inexpensive real estate to obtain. Jackson could and should be a mecca for the southeastern to southwestern trucking industry. From the Pearl River to the Ross Barnett Reservoir, water front properties are a small percentage of what most cost in other areas of the United States.

     Since I have grown up in a southern state I feel that I can speak for Mississippians and applaud their successes and grieve for their mistakes yet realize that the entire United States has their own mixture of problems and the will to overcome them. While all of the United States holds intriguing history, Mississippi is a beautiful and complex mixture of history, extreme wealth and shocking poverty, yet all the people seem to have an extraordinary spirit and southern “politeness” that is usually referred to as charm. I have met the most wonderful, colorful, and deeply intelligent people here who feel that family, religion, and a sense of community are far more important than anything else on earth. This state is so rich in agriculture, farming, music and religious history and those roots have shaped these people and they have formed the most wonderful communities and towns. I seriously doubt if you looked for someone even reminiscent to the Oliver Stone film you would not find them. Well, maybe one or two but they are in every state and country worldwide. What you would find is a people, of numerous races that wish to live in peace, worship in peace and raise an educated family in a positive and safe environment.

Phil and Deb's House, Governors Mansion

      No one here seems to have forgotten their roots and it is refreshing to see so many that embrace their roots and family history. It does not matter if they were raised in a little brick home, a farm or a lakeside estate, there are no put on airs and I love these people for it. There is nothing yuppie or preppy about loving your family, holding a huge family reunion at the local park, supporting a church that helps out with hurricane victims and I mean really helps out with them. I applaud the churches here that have fed, clothed, and put up displaced coastal victims night after night. Mississippians know how to treat people with respect and dignity for those who have lost all and need help. 

Margaritaville Man

Morgan Freeman


     Some of the poorest are the wisest and no one here really cares if you have money because they do not make it the most important aspect in their lives. This state that has one of the very best law schools next to Harvard, the very best the US has to offer in veterinary schools, a state that once was home to the US’s most wealthy residents along the Mississippi River and a state that has the deepest music roots from slavery songs, to Delta Blues to early US Rock Music, Mississippi is one of the most captivating areas in the South. Sometimes where we live is not necessary home for us but I love it here and am glad to call it home.

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