I Survived...

4 years ago

I survived being raped at gunpoint.  This post is less about information and more about me wondering what I can do with this horror that happened to me.  It happened about two years ago and I am at a point (and have been here for awhile) that I believe 'my story' can help others.  In fact, I KNOW it can.  I have had occasion to share this story and when I do so, I'm hesitant.  It's a burdensome story.  It's awful and the details are unbelievable to most, a story you only read about in the news but never happens to anyone in 'real life'.  Until it does.  So I'm careful who I share this with because I want it to help and not hinder anyone.  Thankfully, each time I've shared the details I've been blessed by the other person telling me that my story has inspired them, it's given them hope, or it's empowered them to share a story THEY have.  In sharing, there is healing.  

I also want women to be encouraged by my story by virtue of the fact that rape is never the victim's fault.  NEVER.  I've been a writer of sorts, albeit unpublished, since before I started grade school.  I'd write stories about life events that interested me, whether they occurred in my life or someone else's.  I write nonfiction best, I belive.  When this happened, I prayed that I would be able to use my ugly experience to help others.  If this post reaches you and you have information, advice, suggestions how I can help others, please share your thoughts with me.  This has been on my heart for awhile now.  I would be honored to speak to girls/women about my experience, somehow share my story of survival to more than just the occasional friend or acquaintance I run into.  I feel like I SHOULD do this.  

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