The DST Plan: Leaving The Comfort Zone

5 years ago

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, I woke up at what I thought was a 'normal' time this morning. My girls and I were up at around 7:45-8ish and I thought, 'Yeah! This time, DST change did not win!'  WRONG!  From the moment I got up, I should've been prepared to take off running, because my entire day was on fast-forward from there....

So, this week I'm focusing on getting out of my 'comfort zone'.  I am SUCH a creature of habit, I like things 'just so', and I'm totally all about doing the same things over and over again because 'it works'.  

The problem is, it's not working. I'm not moving forward, I'm just stagnating because I'm comfortable. I realized this weekend that I'm mentally moving forward but I'm not pushing myself hard enough to make things happen.  

We went to a babyshower on Saturday afternoon and I said to my husband as we were walking in, "Don't ditch me at this thing!  I don't know anyone." (Yeah, it was one of those co-ed showers.)  As we walked in and said our "Hello's", I realized we were among the first comers. All of a sudden, I felt comfortable.

I NEVER feel comfortable at parties or functions; I'm awkward, and shy. I don't talk to people, and I am NOT outgoing.  But I felt a surge of confidence that I have never in my entire life had before. And at this moment, I left my comfort zone...and survived.   

I saw a woman that was a little bit older than me, but she was by herself and I could tell she didn't feel completely comfortable AT ALL, and I could related. I started chatting with her, and I asked her to join me at a table. She and I chatted almost all afternoon, and when another lady arrived with her husband that knew her, she sat with us too.

I chatted with EVERYONE at my table, and even people at the table behind me. I was comfortable, and funny and interesting.  I never in my life thought that I was interesting, that I would have anything that anyone would ever want to hear.  But sure enough, people were talking back and laughing and having a good time.

So this week, I'm going to take this moment and hold onto the strength and confidence I had during this experience.  I'm going to relish and develop it.  I am going to leave my comfort zone in such a way, that most everything will become doable and within the range of my comfort zone. I'm going to take the rest of the day running and I'm going to move forward with zest and confidence.

The take-away on this one? Leaving your comfort zone is scary. It's hard and it's uncomfortable, but it's DOABLE.  You can move forward, you can change.  Life is full of experiences that you should be experiencing, so stop letting everything hold you back! Stop making excuses!  Put a smile on your face, and accept the changes you can make. Be dynamic!

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