"I remember when..." the days of Christmas before plastic trees!!!

5 years ago

 It really freaks me out when I talk about things from my past and I catch myself saying things like... "I remember when"...or "When I was a kid, we used to..." these phrases suggest one of two things; either, 1)my life used to be wayyyy more cool and fun, or 2)I am getting old. and ummm...your not allowed to guess which one it is!! I had one of those moments today when I was decorating our Christmas tree with my daughter...you see, we weren't just putting it up, we were (and I'm embarrassed to say) assembling it by number. (I think my grandmother just rolled over in her grave) You see, "When I was a kid, we used to" ... go up to the family cabin for a weekend of fun in the snow, jump on our snowmobiles with a trailer in tow, and go out into the forest and find the perfect tree to bring home to adorn our living room. It was kinda like the scene from Christmas Vacation when the Griswold family hikes out into the wilderness frozen faces and all and end up pulling up a monster tree by the roots and lugging it home on the top of their station wagon. The main difference is that we always brought an axe!! Good, no GREAT times! It was so much fun year after year to go on the tree hunt...although now that I am an adult, I fully realize that even though my mom was a good sport, she probably never liked the scronny trees we lugged home, but I'm guessing the experience made up for the ugly tree that sat in our living room each month of December. .............................................. My ornaments match the color of my home decor, I even had our stockings made out of my fav. colors, that have nothing to do with Christmas ;). (I'm only admitting to that because it's SOOOO ridiculous!) I have disco balls, teal icicles, and white with silver bows...I have mirrored stars, glittery snowflakes and sparkly sicks...and here is the terrible part that I am embarrassed to admit...I don't have any handmade ornaments on my tree! (I think I just gasped along with you all!) I rearrange ornaments that my kids put on the tree after bedtime...and I kinda don't believe you if you say you don't ;) "I remember when..." we would "help" my mother decorate our tree with all of the ugly, super sweet and specially made ornaments that me and my siblings had made. I was so proud knowing that it was my craftiness that made our tree so special. In fact, I think my mom just stopped using them a few years ago, and I'm not sure that I am over it yet! Such rejection! ;) Our stockings were handmade by my great grandma, a she uses those still! .............................................. I have to admit to getting the Justin Beiber Christmas CD..(can I blame it on my kids??) In one song, he sings about Jesus, Michael Jackson, and Hanukah, he even raps in it, but the best part, he mentions twitter followers!!! WHAT?????? twitter followers on a Christmas album???? "When I was a kid..." We would get out the Eve CD...Oh my, it was a record!!! And listen to "come on ring those bells, light the Christmas tree, Jesus is the King, born to you and me...." Nothing about kissing under mistletoe, twitter, or rapping! This is just a side note..but I just tried to find the Eve song we used to listen to, and all I could find was a youtube video of some dude playing it on his accordion!! I am cracking up right now!!! OK...I can't resist putting it in...you have to check out the other dude who is listening, I'm guessing his wife drug him there!! Ahahahaha!!!! Ok...now that that rant is over...I have no big point, other than today I was re-inspired to make the Christmas season super special and memory making for my family. I want my kids to look back and think about all of the cool things we did as a family...not the gifts they got, or the "perfect decorations" but the things we did together, the things we did for others! I am starting with the "advent calendar" Lindsay showed us how to make. We will be making memories!!! I would love to know what you did growing up, or what you do with your family now...lets inspire each other!!!

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