I Promise Myself...

4 years ago

I am constantly trying to figure out different ways of being more, doing more and acheiving more.  I think this is a lifelong way of being with a very positive outcome.  While searching around on Pinterest I came across the "I Promise Myself" creed from The Secret.  I want to explore some of the promises periodically through the blog.

I would like to explore the promise: "To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person that I meet." I would like to add positively on the end of that statement.  We are in the throws of the holiday season and it can be very easy to forget to be positive when you are holiday shopping and trying to balance all the parties and engagements that you may have.

Speaking positively about health can be daunting but it doesn't have to be.  There is so much healthy goodness going on around us, we just have to seek it out more often.  Whether it be mental or physical health, we should be happy with each healthy day we have.  By remaining optimistic, we tend to be healthier.  This is a great time of year to find a new healthy recipe to share.  Stock up on healthy treats and share them with others during the gift giving season.  Talk about positive energy to spread the word.  People will think that you have a "healthy outlook" and begin to ask you for advice on becoming healthier.     

When someone asks you how you are doing you can respond with a very positive statement about your life.  You may want to say that you are enjoying being out and about during the holidays, or that you are loving the fresh fallen snow.  Rather than fall into the negative talk of the time of year, focus on the exciting things going on around you.  Finding happiness to talk about can be as easy as saying that you figured out a new holiday recipe and everyone liked it.  Happiness is found from within and it's something that we have to find and foster everyday.  By being happy we will tend to talk about it and live in it.  Happiness is a win win situation to all that are involved.

By speaking in a prosperous manor we are not only talking about finance, we are talking about thriving, flourishing and succeeding.  There are so many different ways that we become more prosperous in a day.  Celebrate not only your successes with others but the successes of those around you as well.  Get invlolved with those that are prospering and you will prosper too.  

Each day we meet and speak to many, many people.  We have the opportunity with each of those interactions to become a better person.  The neat part of this is if you temporarily have a set back, there is always another person coming along so that you can start over with.  People always love talking to the person who is full of positivity.  By starting to think, speak and act in a positve way, we are more likely to have great friends, be able to cope better in difficult situations and live a more prosperous life.  Adopt the sentence "To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person that I meet" and begin to see how your life transpires for the better. You will enjoy the outcome and so will everyone else around you. 

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