I Made My 10-Year-Old a Blog -- and You Should Too!

19 days ago

Last week, my just-turned 10-year-old told me he'd like to film some videos for YouTube on tips for Wiffle Ball. Apparently there is some Wiffle Ball whiz kid who makes videos that my son thinks are awesome. And supposedly they've helped him have some "sick" pitches.

So I made him a deal.

I'd help him make videos, but they had to be about more than just Wiffle Ball. And if he really wanted to film the first one the next morning, he had to set his alarm and wake me up and be ready to do it, no sleeping in. And, I'd help him set up a blog, which he'd be responsible for learning to manage, which would include writing from time to time.

He enthusiastically said yes. But I knew that 6:30am the next morning would come the real test. But to my amazement, he didn't just wake me up. He listened to my critique as he did his videos (an Intro and a "Sick Wiffle Ball Pitches" tutorial) and made corrections with no attitude.

He grew up before my eyes. He was a natural.

We named his new blog "BigDog Life" for a nickname he was given years ago, when he stopped t-ball games to ask for hotdogs. Today, he's a gifted ball player who still loves hotdogs, but loves the game even more.

I introduced his blog on my site a few days ago, and though the hits and comments on his site were few, just having his own site and people watching his Intro video gave him confidence. He's already brainstorming new ideas for what to share next, and I'm seeing creativity and passion that he wouldn't have an outlet for otherwise.

Image courtesy the author.

I wanted to find other sites to help him grow and inspire him, and -- newsflash! There are very few. So if your kid blogs, let me know where to find them and what has helped you.

Your kid doesn't? Think about helping find their passion and creativity and join us.

And hey, BlogHer? You listening? I think BlogKids should be our next project! (says the software product manager/blogger/mom)

Forgive the excitement, but this is one.proud.mom.


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