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9 years ago

Jumping from blog to blog is like flying around in the pages of a *Giant Anthology of Awesome*. I love to dip into other people's lives and into their obsessions. Seriously, I love it.

As a web producer for BlogHer, I do a lot of hand-waving technical back-end infrastructure stuff and product/editorial strategizing. Julie Douglas and I are the company's developers, working with php, SQL, and Drupal. But, I also look at new blogs and blogs in the network that need tech support. This means helping to monitor all 2500 blogs in the network. Sometimes I'm supposed to be fixing a blog template, yet end up being sucked into that person's world, reading all the way down the page, commenting, clicking back through archives, following links or cracking up at photos.

There's an incredible diversity of interests and backgrounds in our network of (mostly) women bloggers. In my personal blog-reading I tend to read stuff by people a lot like me: geeky women in their 30s and 40s, who are into science fiction and fantasy, writing, computers, and progressive activism. So one of the things I value most about BlogHer is that it leads me to read blogs by people I might never know otherwise. Suddenly I'll be up in the personal life and thoughts of a conservative Mormon midwestern mom with 6 children who likes to talk about Bible study, or a serious businesswoman writing about financial issues, or a woman from the Philippines who writes about cooking gourmet Filipino food, or a 20 year old art student from New York who loves to go out to nightclubs and on long camping trips. Stuff that I otherwise never do or think about. This seems so beautiful to me, that online, we can hear other women's stories unmediated by any filter. I'll end up, over the course of a day at work, IM-ing links to new blogs to my friends and co-workers, and now I'd like to share some of the blogs that catch my interest -- with an emphasis on giving you a sampler of people who are very different from each other.

There will be a lot of exclamation points. That's how I roll.

Here's some blogs that caught my eye this week at work:

Fab Grandma

Fab Grandma is an amazing blog! Karen travels around North American in her RV, blogging and working seasonal jobs for the National Park Service, with her husband. Another gluten-free blogger. How to Enlarge Your Breasts Overnight! Prepping the Grand Canyon for its summer season! Gluten Free Coconut Cream Pie! I like to read this and just kind of pretend I'm Karen, because her life is too cool.

Cocoa Fly Jenee from Cocoa Fly covers books, entertainment, and news from the perspective of a hip, eclectic black woman. She's been a reporter for NPR, Time Europe, Marketplace Money, and SurfSantaMonica.com. Long thinkalicious posts on tv shows, like Everybody Hates Chris! Critique of how Essence talks about strip clubs! Wanda Sykes, with video clips, can't beat that. I'm really loving Cocoa Fly's political views and analysis of pop culture!

Pistols and Popcorn

http://www.pistolsandpopcorn.com/ An edgy & fun mom blog by a mom of a 5-year-old in Brooklyn. Jodi says, "I've been an English Teacher in Seoul, a Bartender in Japan, a Substance Abuse Counselor, Record Store Owner, Night Club Operator and Coffee Slinger (not all at once) in Utah, and a Events Promoter, Children's Room Designer and Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor in New York." Grown-Up Banana Pudding at the Smoke-a-Thon! And I can totally identify with Jodi's advice on parenting in Live Dangerously, Live More.

Milk & Honey: The Garber Family

http://www.thegarbers.blogspot.com/ A blogger living in the land of Milk & Honey. Momming and prayers. Lots of nice photos here! Traci is pregnant and in the hospital right now, in pain but in good spirits, blogging photos of her feet in those fuzzy hospital socks! Her husband bleaches the toilet three times a week, now that's romance; give him some blog comment love! And though I'm not a Bible kind of girl I can definitely appreciate the beauty and sweetness of her Mothers' Day post with prayers for some of the hard parts of motherhood: on infertility, grief, miscarriage, loss, single motherhood, and when your child has gone down a self-destructive path. Traci is just one of those bloggers who can run through the spectrum from silly to serious and always bring her readers along with her!

Female Perspective on Computer Science In The Female Perspective of Computer Science, Gail talks about her graduate student work, mentoring, technical conferences, gaming, gender, and visual computing. She'll be speaking at the Grace Hopper conference this fall, on her mini-course, Computer Science and Games: Just for Girls! Her posts on being female in computer science grad school give a valuable glimpse into specific strategies that women can use to deal with some of the difficulties that come up for women working in a male-dominated field. Gail outlines problems clearly and suggests practical things to do. I appreciate that, and think her advice is applicable in other fields than computer science!


http://hellohoneyno.blogspot.com Hello Honey No is a great fashion blog. A blog with amazing style! HoneyNo rocks the Floral Smocked Dress - Explains about summer frocks (FROCKS!) - and the casual glory of kim bap. Kim bap with Spam, y'all.

I love these blogs too

Here's a quick round up of a few more blogs that I couldn't resist highlighting this week:

* http://myveryworstdate.com : Worst date stories! Love is a battlefield... read about how these women walked right out of really, the worst dates ever. Racism! Out of nowhere marriage proposals! Cat Pee!

* http://365exercise.blogspot.com/ Melissa is on day 135 of blogging her exercise daily. In *serious detail*. Impressive!

* http://www.suburbanmatron.com Fun observations of suburban mom-hood. Thinkylicious and hilarious! Wearable towels! Details of the school luau! Last but not least, Hallooo, I'm a talking bra!

* http://www.brendasblogfromparaguay.com Brenda's currently in treatment for breast cancer. How a cat bit her husband's tongue. Lugo, her new kitten. And, The Night Before Chemo. Good luck Brenda, and I hope your husband sleeps with a mouth (kitten) guard now!

* http://lucullian.blogspot.com Gourmet food blog from Tuscany, Italy. Ilva Beretta writes about living and cooking in Italy with her family. I love her beautiful photos! I'm talking about dewdrops on azelas on cupcakes on china on lacy tablecloths. You can't get more gorgeous!

* http://accomplishedwoman.blogspot.com Sewing, baking, cooking, gardening, and housekeeping. Doing it with pride, and taking it seriously as important work. That's a really well-organized potting shed! I could live in that potting shed and it would be nicer than my house.

* http://wisermom.org A mom blog with especially great writing. Darling twins! A new mom at 40! Will Myg quit her job to stay home with the babies!?

http://www.evetahmincioglu.com/web/blog/ Career Diva. Eve will tell you how to get that corner office! She's a book author who blogs too, thinking and writing about a huge range of subjects related to careers, job-hunting, and politics. Jobs that can get you killed; thoughts on teaching in public school; on Powerful Women and the "B" Word.

I hope you enjoy the whirlwind tour of our blog network. Now you know why I love my job... It's because I love your blog!

Liz Henry
Composite: Tech & Poetics
Contributing Editor, World and Tech

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