I know so little

6 years ago
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Watching in wonder, a TV show about a sport that did not exist when I was born. An extreme snowboarding sport. The caller lamented the condition of some of the snow fields and celebrated others, I could not tell the difference. Snow is snow, right?

The caller described the startling death defying jumps made as ‘clean’ or ‘not clean’, they looked the same to me. He said some of the flyers ‘attacked the snow’. They did? As the snow boarders flew, and twisted, and somersaulted the caller gave names to their maneuvers, names I had never heard before.  

He commented when one of the athletes was having fun. FUN? He was free falling over rocks midst a secondary snow fall. If I was his mother I would have been on my knees praying and when he reached the finish line safe I would have made him promise never to terrify me like that again.

The athletes had names I could not pronounce and spoke languages I did not understand. These superstars are really super stars, heroes to their dedicated followers and I knew none of them.

When our youngest son was about 8 he cried and said he was so sad he was so ‘old’. The problem with his ‘age’ was that he figured that at the rate discoveries were being made, he could live until he was 80 and not know everything that would be invented. He would miss some of the good stuff because by then he would be too old and be ready to die. And just think about what would appear after he died!! That was his deduction. At 8 he knew there would be great stuff coming after he died, even 8 decades in the future, and he would not get to see it or use it.

Today, there is a world of super stars, magnificent athletes, musicians, writers, talented entrepreneurs and I do not know even in this decade. I missed it. Clean missed it.  Eh 80 is bearing down on me a lot faster than it is on him.  And chances are I will never get to know about them. Now that is humbling.