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 November 2, 2011 

(time for Karen that is)

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo.  1406 people registered for NaBloPoMo so far, holy cow!  I hope I can compete.  Nah, I just hope I can learn to write more fluidly and get inspired by my friends. 

Yesterday I spent a few hours with Mr. Q and Mr. G.  Dearest daughter needed to run a few errands in the morning and I was happy to provide her some Nikki time.  As she was leaving, Quinn started crying, and the baby was already crying, I was trying to calm him down so I could focus on Quinn.  Daughter must have felt awful when Mr. Q burst out in tears as she was leaving.  I know that is perfectly normal for a 17 month old. I just need advice for this 55 year old who’s heart breaks for Mr. Quinn.  

Once I got the baby calmed down, I put him in his swing and sat down on the floor and told Q that I was “all his” now.  And we played cars, built towers, ran choo choos around the track, built a blanket fort and then the baby started crying again.  I told him that “grandma has to get the baby” and Quinn cried “no no no” and wrapped his arms around my leg and burst into tears again.  Aye carumba.

Gavin and I sat down and I swaddled him and held him close for comfort (he’s 4 weeks old friday already!!) and I told Quinn to “come here and cuddle, I have plenty of room for both him and his brother.”  I asked him to bring a book and we would read while meemaw tries to settle Mr. G, and we snuggled and read.   

The swaddling did the trick, Gavin slept for about an hour, and Quinn and I did our usual stuff, which includes making movies, looking at pictures on my iphone.  He tells me who each person is.  The cutest thing is that he does the sign for “more”.  We were watching a fly trapped between the screen and window and he was telling me “up up up” as the fly climbed, and “down down” when it fell down.  An airplane flew overhead, low enough for us to be able to see it pretty good, and then Q did the sign for more.  haha, how do I make another airplane appear?   

Today was much better.  I only got tears once, and also he rubbed the baby’s head a few times and said “ah ah baby”.  He’s at such a fun age now.  He totally lets me know with yes’s and a nod, or no no no and a head shake.  I made him a fort from a crochet blanket that weighs a ton, hanging over the back of the rocker on one side and the rocker stool on the other.  He’s pleased when I get in the tent with him, feeding me goldfish crackers and then thinking of the next thing he wants to do.  Usually a good deal of choo choo time is included at each visit.  

Finding Karen time is a challenge, and the mythical house cleaning fairies seriously do not show up here when I’m gone.  Although it exhausted me, I did go to the golf course yesterday and played a few holes.  I took a bunch of pictures too.  The sun was low in the sky and casting magical golden light just as we were finished 9 holes.  Hubby went to the 19th hole for a drink, and I headed back to the course to look for beauty.  I found it.  :)


Edgewood 9 on the Oaks

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