I Get Cranky When People Call Me a Writer

3 years ago

When I chose to start a blog, I didn't do so because I saw myself as a writer, or that I could impress people with my way with words. Because I am not a writer. I'm a rambler. I write the same way I talk, which is usually fast and all over the place. I open an empty post box and it's like spitfire.

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I don't have a single writing skill. I mean, it's shocking I even use periods. English was my worst and least favorite subject in school, and I 100% bullshitted my entire way through it. I've never written an actual essay, mostly because I don't like to follow rules; don't tell me what to do and that I need some intro and conclusion.

I want to say what I want to say and how I want to say it.

Also, I just really hated school, and I really hated reading boring books and then having to write some dumb report of the book without copying anything. What?! Excuse me, teacher but you've read this book and probably 320793 other "reports" about it, so you don't need to hear more from me. Okay, I'm trailing off, let's get this train back on track.

On occasion we see the peanut gallery blabbing about how bloggers are terrible writers and this blogger and that blogger are not "writers."

So let me just put it out there now, I am not a writer and I will never call myself one. I'm a blogger, and what you choose as a description of a blogger is your choice.

I blog to get shit off my chest, express some stupid silly humor, share a story or recipe, and to connect with others that are like me. That's pretty much it. If I want to have run-on sentences because I'm pouring my heart out and can't stop typing because I'm so tense and have SO MUCH TO SAY, I will. If I want to use colons and commas in all the wrong places, I will. I'm sure you still understand what I'm trying to say and that's all that matters to me, really. If my posts sound like I'm yelling or running out of breath, good. I'd rather you feel what I'm putting down here instead of me trying to find some fancy word (that I probably can't even pronounce) just so someone can be like "what a great writer."... It ain't me, babe.

Also, I'm not trying to knock those of you that are writers. Because, holy shit, some of you are amazing. Like Dayna, who literally (see what I just did there) takes you to another land with her words. It's as if you're there with her in that moment that she's describing but you're kinda still on a cloud floating by and just feeling it all. She is an immaculate writer. Flawless.

I'm just a rambler. And that's how I like it.

xo, Kelly Louise

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