I Found a Blank Check: Tell Me What To Do with It!

4 years ago

I check out dozens of library books every week. Fiction, non-fiction, children's books, large print, YA—you name it, I check it out. And, every week I find something new and interesting tucked in between the pages of at least one library book. It's usually things like receipts from restaurants, or an old junk mail envelope with notes or phone numbers or odd math problems on it. Sometimes it's a business card for a restaurant I've never heard of, (which is cool because I can take my g/f there for Valentine's Day and get extra romance points, but that's another story altogether.) I have found photos tucked inside of library books, and cool bookmarks, too.

Finding these things sometimes leads me to wonder what I've left tucked inside of library books... but if I ponder that for too long, I'll make myself anxious, so let's move along to the topic at hand.

I found a blank check in a library book last week. How crazy is that? How do you think a blank check made its way into a library book? (The library book, by the way, is Rocket Girl, which might cause you to ponder this a little more. Someone who checked out a non-fiction book about a female rocket scientist left a blank check in the book. Huh. Interesting, right?)

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I told my partner about it, and she didn't think it was all that weird. She thinks the account is probably an old, closed account, and this person just uses his/her old checks as bookmarks or scratch paper. This caused me to almost hyperventilate. Do people do this? Surely not.

Then, I asked her what I should do with the blank check? I'm not thinking about doing anything like in the Blank Check movie that my kids loved so much when they were little.

I was thinking I could:

  • Just tear it up and throw it away.
  • Write VOID on the check and tuck it back into the library book for someone else to find and ponder.
  • Write VOID on it and mail it to the people it belongs to.

I was leaning toward the latter option, but my partner said that would be mean.

Mean? Really? I don't want to be mean. Would that be mean? Would one of the people find it in the mail and wonder what the heck and get mad at the other partner who left it in the book? Would I be causing a marital spat? I don't want that!

But, what if the person who left it in the book realized the check was missing and is worried about his/her lost blank check? Wouldn't it put her/his mind at ease to have it back and know that nothing bad was going to happen? (If I realized I'd lost a blank check, I WOULD BE OBSESSING OVER THIS.)

I've had the check for several days—I just keep looking at it and wondering what to do. I have no idea. So I'm leaving it up to you. What should I do with the blank check I found in a library book?

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