I don't want to say I'm cursed but....

7 years ago

Things could be worse, I definitely know this and its what I have to keep telling myself after every new thing happens.  Here's whats happened thus far: 

The flooding that started it all: On Dec 14th (my brother's birthday)  we had a wild rainstorm which flooded our street causing the storm drains to back up.  This also caused our roof to leak so badly the ceiling in our kitchen started to buckle.  If it had been our own place we may have drilled a hole in the ceiling to relieve the pressure although I've also read that doing that can also cause more damage.  This was stressful on its own, then we hear from the downstairs neighbour, he's in the basement and water is just pouring into the place, we go down to check and indeed there's two inches of water on the floor and its still pouring in from the bathroom wall, no actual hole can be found to plug up its just seeping in.  Anyway durring this period we discover that our landlords are in Thailand, we knew they were away but we didn't know they'd left the province let alone the country, and we're not able to get in touch with them.  In 24hrs time we finally reach our landlady's co-worker who graciously offers to help us out she brings over a sump-pump and pumps out most of the water in the basement, this removes most of the water but by then its obvious the place will need some serious renovations to be inhabitable again.  This is later verified by the fire inspector who is also none too sure about ceiling and he makes sure the fixture is removed (carefully) and tells us it appears mold is already forming and to not spend much time in the kitchen if possible.  Well this is what everyone wants to hear 10 days from xmas!  We got to work though and banded together with our downstairs neighbour and in less than three days we had a new place and had moved in.  Durring this period our landlord's cousin had taken on the duty of handling the apartment and they were far from accomodating (calling us at 8am to come get our stuff, then telling us we could leave stuff there for a few days then they changed the locks before we could move all of our belongings out:P)  but we were happy in our new home, even if we did have create a third bedroom out of the area that was supposed to be a den, all in all a cute place though with an upstairs and a basement, the cats loved it.

There was a catch though:   The catch was that the place was for sale, we had one glorious month where we had some great times, friends came over we watched movies and played video and board games and had all in all a pretty good time.  Through this we did have to endure constant visits from prospective buyers with their realtors, these visits increased throughout the month til it was painfully obvious someone was very interested in our house, we tried to make ourselves feel better with the fact that the place had been for sale for almost a year before we moved in, it looked good but there were a number of things that needed replacing including the furnace and who buys a home in the wintertime anyway?  However the people who were interested in the place weren't waiting for spring and at the end of Jan we got notice that we had a month to find a new place.

This would have been an easier task except for:  We immediately got to work looking for a new place and had even viewed one promising place when our van that we'd had for just over a year called it quits, we had just dropped our other roommate off at work turned the corner and it died.  At first we thought we had just ran out of fuel and we waited for an hour in the cold for a friend of ours to come by with a jerry can of fuel, at that point it still wouldn't start.  We ended up leaving it over night and towing it in the morning, it was so sad to see it strapped to the back of the tow truck and it was even sadder getting to the mechanic and being told the repairs needed would cost more than what the vehicle was worth.  So with heavy hearts J and I decided to say goodbye to our van that had allowed us to so much travelling last year and sell it for parts, back to public transportation for us.  With this in mind our possible apartment  locations were now limited to those that were easily accessible, as none of us wanted to travel that far for groceries and other necessities without a vehicle and our two roommates were without vehicles as well.  We did keep looking and found one place that seemed alright albeit a bit cramped but we thought, well if this is all that's available I guess we'll have to take it.  It was cute and the landlord seemed decent but I felt there had to be something else out there.  I kept looking and found a place that seemed even better, I had to make J go see it as they were available on a Sat morning and he had DJ'ed at a club the night before, I was at work unfortunately and didn't see the place.  But J did and said it pretty nice but the landlords lived above the apartment and he wasn't sure about that given some of our previous experiences with landlords.  Still I wanted to see the place and by the time I went to see it all of us were pretty sure we actually did want this place as it was much bigger than the other place.  Indeed I took one look at this place and loved it and the landlords certainly did seem like friendly likeable people, they even quoted Douglas Adams!  So we packed up all our stuff, J's parents even rented a moving truck for us which we managed to get everything over to the new place in.  When the furnace ran out of oil the night before we were to move in we weren't even fazed, we just aquired a few portable heaters and plugged along like usual it was all gravy.

We were fine for two whole days til...   We were all in love with the place R our second roommate was so pleased to have an actual bedroom, we had a nice bedroom in the very back of the house which was a bit more private, we had really cute kitchen and everything was going great.  Then two days after we'd moved in (about four days ago now) R said he'd noticed a little black bug on his arm and when he went to take a closer look it hopped off.  I hoped against all hopes that it was something else but that night while in our living room we spotted another bug and after killing it (which takes a lot of force by the way)  we realized there were fleas in our beautiful new apartment, we were devastated.  Our cats have never I repeat NEVER had fleas, they were still shell shocked from having to move for the second time in such a short period and now the poor things are dealing with these awful creatures.  In the last four days we have repeatedly mopped the floors, cleaned all of our bedding and clothing, all of which spends most of the day tied up in plastic bags, my cats have had two baths and will have a third tonight after which I shall stipple their fur with lemon juice as has been recommended to me.   We have coated the apartment in diotamaceous earth (food grade) which several sites have told us is safe and effective, however our other roommate K was still too concerned to have it down so we ended up sweeping it up way ahead of schedule (unfortuately its way easier to put down than it is to get up so most things still have a light coating of the stuff).  K also has a small dog and we've found the most fleas on her although she is a white dog and our cats are gray tabbies so it may just be easier to see them on her.  Our landlady has brought down a spray for the house and says her sister is a vet (I'm really hoping they will provide something along the lines of advantage or front line for the pets).  I'm reading everything I can to get rid of these pests and I'm at my wits end.  We're all feeling rather doomed and to highlight this fact yesterday when were all at home, with the windows open to help air the place out J says 'what more could possibly happen' and at that very moment a large amount of snow and ice falls off the neighbours roof pushing the screen off the window frame and filling our kitchen with snow.  We all shrug grab shovels and shovel out the kitchen, just another day at our house.  That being said, I really hope something works to get rid of the fleas and maybe just maybe we can have a few months (weeks even)  where nothing terrible happens?


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