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3 years ago


wrote before about not knowing whether I believe in a God, in a Heaven or in any sort of afterlife.  I don't think I do, and as much as I'd like to, I don't think I ever will.  I was raised Catholic - Catholic School, church every Sunday (for a while)...  I learned the stories and the lessons, the things I was supposed to believe in.  But looking back now, I don't think I ever did; there was never a conviction, an absolute faith that what I was being told was true. 

But that doesn't mean I am faithless.  There are things I have absolute certainty in - humanity, love, roses in the summer and evergreens in the winter...

I believe that even though I know the world could end tomorrow, it probably won't.  I believe we have hundreds of thousands of years and mistakes left to make, and that humanity will keep growing.  Keep discovering. 

I believe that there is love out there, however fleeting.  The love of a mother, of a brother, of a best friend, of a pet... I believe we have the capacity to fall in love a hundred times in our lives, but that's no promise that we'll find ourselves uttering our last words, still in love till our final moments. 

I believe that in the spring, the world will bloom again - beautiful flowers and baby birds, and that in the winter we will cart evergreen trees out from the fields and into our homes to be decorated. 

I believe in us, in humanity.  I believe that we don't need an afterlife to make all of that important.  Even if we are just an accident of nature, evolution's practice run - that doesn't make us any less important, doesn't mean we leave any less of an effect on the world. 

I believe that we are important without any help from someone we can't see or touch.  We are important and consequential in our own right.

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