I am Not a Bimbo and I Won't Play One to Get Ahead

5 years ago

Can I ask a question?  Of course I can, it’s my blog.

Why do some women feel the need to dumb themselves down in order to be taken seriously?

Nothing annoys me more, (well, ok, maybe a few things do, but this? This really annoys me) than women who are very intelligent but feel the need to play the dumb bimbo.  Women work hard enough to be taken seriously, to prove that we are as good as, as smart as, worth as much as a man.  And yet, there are women out there who are dumbing it down, playing the bimbo, and being successful because of it. 

I hate contrived stupidity.

Even if it did work for Jessica Simpson.

And it seems to be working for the Kardashians too.

It’s not cute, it’s not even funny.  Most of the time it’s completely transparent and therefore insulting.  It’s like they are ashamed of their brains like some women are ashamed of their thighs. And what is it teaching our daughters?  Get a good education Honey, learn all that you can learn, and then act stupid because nobody likes a smart woman.

Stupid is as stupid does?

Apparently stupid sells.

There are several blogs I read that do this.  They have successful blogging/writing/social media careers, and yet they dumb themselves down online.  And it works. Apparently. Don’t talk to me about body acceptance if you’re not going to accept your intelligence too.  Smart is sexy over stupid any day of the week.

I’m not a bimbo, I just play one on the internet.

I want this blog to go places, I want it to become something, I want some of that fame and notoriety that I know is out there.  But I’m not going to sell myself stupid in order to get it.  I don’t know that I could play the bimbo very well for very long.  I’d screw up and say something smart.

Becky (Ms Batman)

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