I am Looking for a Job for You!

5 years ago

Job hunting is difficult and it takes lots of time and consistency.  You have to be stubborn to find a job and put up with all the time it takes to submit online applications.   Often times the employer’s electronic application system malfunctions and sometimes does not let you complete one section that then prevents the application from being complete.  Determination pays off though.

Cece is extremely motivated  , and as a matter of fact is looking for a job for Yun!

Cece says, “Yun, I do not really know what you do, , but I am looking for a job for you.”  Cece giggles.  She thinks Yun is a physicist, as long as people are hiring physicists, it is the job for Yun.  Cece adds in…. Yun IS a PhD physicist…but what that means and how it plays out in the job market is another story!

So, Yun starts to get  emails and links from Cece.  Yun is deeply touched to say the least.  Yun’s life is a bit hectic, two jobs, two kids, two text books to study, one household to keep up…  Searching for jobs is often slated to the midnight, when she has the energy to burn the midnight oil.  So, Cece’s gesture is like delivering  firewood in the bitter winter.

One day, Yun gets a call from Cece:,“Do you know how many jobs are there in NM in Physics?”

“No, How many?”  Yun  is curious.  She never knows what Cece can find out, Cece is very resourceful.

“More than 147 jobs! ”  Cece said excitedly.

“Really?  No way.”  Yun is a little skeptical. and a lot excited.

“Well, I am sure there are many types of physics jobs, and I still have no idea what kind of physics you do.  But I am determined to find a job for you .”  Cece giggles again., “But,  you better check for yourself.”  She gives Yun the website.

Indeed, when Yun logs in, there are lots of jobs that need a  physics background, including physics teachers and tutors.  There are also jobs that are very much what Yun is looking for.  If it were not for Cece, Yun would never know!   Yun is very thankful for Cece’s kindness and care.

Being a friend is so simple, even when you think you are not sure how to help, just help anyway.  Do the little things to help, even when your friends do not know.  It is the intention that sets the friendship course straight and lifts your friends’ spirits.

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

Cece-one of The Two Whos http://www.thetwowhos.com
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