The HydraQuiver Single-Barrel from Orange Mud-The Best Invention for People Prone to Tripping When They Have To Hold Stuff

After a meager decade of running, I was reminiscing to a fellow runner I just met at the Destin 50 miler about all those various pieces of gear I've purchased to hold my water bottle so I can trot happily down the road. And yes, I like to reminisce with people I don't know. Granted, it takes longer.

Anyway, I proceeded to explain that after a few issues with my Nathan fuel belt purchased in 2009 (leakage, and elastic drawstrings stretched out and sliding off), I needed to search around for a replacement. Almost a year later, I saw an Orange Mud Facebook ad. I viewed the single sports bottle system product description on the company website. One sports bottle in a pack is called a "single barrel". I am also called an "OCD lady with too much time on her hands". (Not by Orange Mud. Mostly by family members and people who love FOX News).

Anyway, I liked the single barrel hydraquiver on the website so I hit the "like" button and stated I would try it out in my status on Facebook. Then someone in my family proceeded to make a snide comment, which turned into that awkward moment when someone's comment on the Facebook status has more likes than the actual status.

However, after seeing the Hydraquiver for the first time, I was almost positive nothing would make me happier than to own this single barrel contraption from Nothing except a magic unicorn, that is.
Nothing beats a magic unicorn.

So exactly three days after ordering the HydraQuiver from Orange Mud, in my very own mailbox I received a package containing the highly coveted single barrel Hydration pack for the back. (I will not include the picture of the package as I found it in my mailbox because it includes my address, in case you are a rapist or a killer... who also enjoys an easy-to-use water bottle in a portable backpack).

Let me also state here that the company sells a double barrel HydraQuiver as well but not everyone could get it until recently, and for good reason. Because of the dual 24 oz bottle packs of awesomeness in the double barrel, they sold out immediately. The few the company must have had left in secret stock were only given out to the most elite people in Northern America, not small beach towns in Northwest Florida. Even so, I was still ecstatic to receive the exclusive single barrel in a color other than Barbie pink because Orange Mud realizes something my family, kids, friends, gynecologist and most fashion designers do not – not all women want to wear pink when they run. image
Oh, and did I mention that I am a highly influential blogger and former radio and TV personality? Because of this, I am happy to share the joy that was and continues to be, my Hydraquiver single barrel experience with you. I know it’s kind of a big deal to get up close and personal with a Hydration pack so I did what all fancy blogging celebrities do. I photographed the hell out of it. image My review of The single barrel hydraquiver, by Stephanie aka Ultra Marathon Mom aka Expert-About-Hydration-Packs-In-My-Own-Mind…

As you can see, the Orange Mud HydraQuiver has everything anyone could need in a hydration pack:

It's easy to wear like a pair of Victoria's Secret angel wings (without the stilettos, Of course.)
It's easy to use while on the run (from loose neighborhood dogs with crabby old owners, especially.)
It's got some unique storage capacity for gels, Butterfinger bars, sandwiches you don't mind squashing flat, etc.
It's durable and can be washed in the washing machine with every thing else a toddler throws in there. Or poops on.
Women don't have to settle for pukey pepto bismol pink (there's also grey and black).
It's super comfortable, lightweight and requires good posture to wear (Mama is proud of how I look in my race photos). image
Disregard this photo, however, as I am not using good posture at the finish line. And I look sad. And rather homely.

The first thing I noticed about the Orange Mud HydraQuiver was that it was really angelic light. Resting between my shoulder blades, this little pack rides high. It has a 24 ounce bottle, which is as much as I might need for about ten miles or a little over an hour and a half on a run in Florida summer. The back is fully padded and mesh covered. The strap webbing is soft, comfortable and completely adjustable around the sensitive armpit area.

50 mile beach run test:

Although the single barrel hydraquiver is comfy and very light (weighs 314 grams, less than 3/4 pound), I was a little concerned that it might bounce around and cause blisters around the armpits. However, with the straps pulled snug (and the water bottle full), I could hardly feel the pack! The sound of water sloshing teasing my mom-of-two bladder that it might not make it to the next aid station bathroom was the only reminder it was on. After a few minutes of running, the sound faded into the background of crashing waves on the packed sand and I forgot all about it. I sweated a little where the pack rests, but that is normal for any kind of belt or pack. I've had no chafing wearing it except under the armpits where I didn't think to wear body glide. Or baby butt paste. It's a long distance running mom thing. Trust me, it works.

Ease in use

During the 50 mile beach run it was easy and quick to reach back and grab the bottle. I was able to do a one-hand grab, drink from the spout top, and return it with the same arm. SUPER easy for chugging on the go. image
I think the Orange Mud HydraQuiver is pretty. Like jewelry. Think I'll display mine.

One factor to consider with a backpack style hydration system is that you will need to take off the pack to remove a shirt if you get a hot mama flash and wanna strip down to your sports bra for onlookers to gawk... or if you wanna get something out of the back. This could be a hindrance, but I would trade a few seconds of pack removal on a long run for the storage of a shirt or larger items (see storage below). The storage on the straps allows you to access Butterfingers while running.

This was easy enough to use, and unnoticeable enough, that I would wear it in a trail race and possibly even for a hundred miler now that I'm such an ambitious runner wearing my hydration and butterfingers on my back. image
I’m in mad love with this hydraquiver. Who wouldn’t love this? It’s like sunshine drops and unicorn poo.


You'd be surprised what I could cram into the HydraQuiver! image
Everything shown in the photo above fit inside: 24 oz water, iPhone in case, arm warmers, a ladies small tech T shirt, fun size butterfingers, and I easily fit 2 Free aid station gels into each strap pouch.

After taking the photo, I tried stuffing a small bottle of Mountain Dew into the strap storage on front. It fit with plenty of stretch to spare, as did my iPhone! Wearing larger items like a bottle of Mountain Dew in the strap storage will alter how the straps feel. It will ride better and not tease your bladder if you don't have a bottle sloshing around in there, but if you need the space, it's there! For my 50 miler, I had about half that stuff inside and it rode without bouncing.
As you can tell, the hydra quiver makes me believe I could run a mile on sand in under 10 minutes - faster if I take my Flinstone Chewable Testosterone pills first.

Durability and strength

The dishwasher-safe 24oz bottle closes tight and opens with a little tug of the teeth. It had absolutely NO leaks during my test run. (Yay for that! This made me crabby with my old fuel belt). Constructed of breathable nylon and soft padding, the Orange Mud HydraQuiver stitching is tight and sturdy, and it's MADE in the USA.

Retail Price $84.95 (I figure it is worth the price as long as it is not made from the souls of virgin kittens or manufactured by kidnapped Scientologists.)

Retail price for the double barrel on sale now again is $109.95.
Although I don't currently own a double barrel hydraquiver and I have an issue with the cost, I will eventually own one. If I have to divorce and get with the ugliest, harriest, most cross-eyed Prince of some hard-to-pronounce nation that believes donkeys are holy, I will get this double barrel pack.


This pack is quickly becoming a part of my running routine, as I enjoy the freedom of being without a belted bottle bouncing on my bladder-- but still prepared for anything. I really can't be happier with a pack style arrangement. In my heart I am convinced the hydraquiver can give me the power to levitate. Or be invisible. Or read the minds of other humans. It is indeed the Harry Potter of hydration packs.
image image image
The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud-- It's a water bottle on your back.
You reach behind your head, get it, and drink from it.

P.S. Orange Mud did not pay me any American dollars to tell you that.
(But they should have.)

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