Hurricane Sandy Hits Home

Sandy Hits Home
Whether it was a tropical storm or a hurricane, Sandy has hit home. Felicia, one of Uncool College Parents’ founders, has been hit hard by the storm. Her home has been destroyed and through her loss, we’ve come to have a personal stake in Sandy. Felicia knows that her home can be rebuilt and that stuff is only stuff. But some stuff make memories and that loss is hard to bear.

In her words:
Nothing can describe what it feels like to walk into your home and find it demolished.

Carpet squishing underfoot. The water might have receded, but we can see where it was. It was everywhere, up to almost a foot of water in my home. I had water-tight containers filled with my kids’ sports trophies and ribbons, letters from camp. When I opened them up after the storm, flood water poured out. All our memories are gone.

We know we’re fortunate. We’re all safe. And we can rebuild our home. But some of those things are memories that can’t be replaced.

My son wants to come home from college to see what his home looks like, but I can’t bear for him to come home. And what will happen at Thanksgiving? All of us want to go home for the holiday, but we have no home to go to. He can’t come home to normalcy. We are staying with family in another town. His friends will be far away. His “stuff” is gone. His room is gone: his bed; his pillow; the walls. Not being able to give my son his home is terrible.

College students are on their way to independence. But college parents are still their home base. And it feels terrible to not be able to give my son his home base.

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