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4 years ago

Writing Therapy

This is really a secret that I am reluctant to share...where do I get my energy? Like Samson, I need to keep this to myself. However, since I agreed to participate in this blogging session about energy, I guess I need to disclose a little bit about where I hide mine.

I tend to describe myself like the Energizer Bunny...but my battery does run least now it does. When I was younger..never. How? Well that is where the secret comes in.

I find that your mind is the most powerful source of energy.  It is a matter of mind over emotion.

I have been getting over the flu for a while...I am out of shape from having rested too long. The other day, after being home bound for about a month, I needed to go to the store. Now, I walk car in this story. So, I went off to shop, hoping that I didn't get tired when I actually got there [like the week before when I went to the post office and wanted to take a nap for a while :D] This is what I did:

  • First, I took time to think about what I needed to do. I chose only to do as much as I thought I could reasonable handle at the time.
  • I picked not only the easiest thing first, but the most fun. That set the mood to keep going...sort of a pre-reward for my brain. As I enjoyed my first purchases [what I personally wanted to get---craft stuff!] I kept thinking about what I had done, rather than what lay ahead.
  • I took my time and let myself appreciate a positive experience, rather than rushing and getting myself tired.
  • I took time to be kind to people I met, which gave me energy because it made me happy to be kind and smile.
  • It was raining that day, so I actually took the time to enjoy the weather. Not that I love the rain, but it was fun to walk home and see the sky and other such nature the city. 
  • As I walked home, I thought about the craft items I got, not how heavy the bags were from the groceries. I used this alone time to plan a project in my head...and still enjoy the rain gently making me feel alive.

I think the bottom line here is to try and make yourself live in the moment. It takes a whole lot of concentration to do that, but it makes you alive, happy and aware of just how wonderful life actually is in the here-and-now.

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