How was your Saturday?

4 years ago

NaBloPoMo - Day Ten: A Diary Entry

Today my day wasn't that interesting but I feel like I accomplished a lot.

I managed to dye my hair; brown. Don't get too excited. It was the first time I've dyed my hair in about 4 years, it took me right back to my teenage years, when my best friend and I would go to the store buy our hair dye, rent some movies and get a shite-load of chocolate and sweets and that's how we would spend our Friday or Saturday night. However this morning it was spent in dead silence listening out for the baby (which I swear I hear every few minutes) and this was definitely not as fun.

My productive morning followed by watching my husband go through the house getting rid of all the stuff we've needed to get rid of for ages and then he continued to vacuum  SCORE!

I put Theodore down for a nap and went to the kitchen with the goal of getting myself some lunch but ended up baking some banana and coconut muffins. Just 'cause I'm awesome!

In the afternoon after Theodore woke we packed him into the car and headed out to a place where you can recycle all your rubbish like wood, cardboard and TV's ( I cannot think of what these places are called and there is no one home for me to ask, don't judge me I have baby brain). Not that exciting but these are the boring things you have to do when you're a 'grown up'.

For those of you who live in colder climates know that when it's 7 degrees Celsius that's perfect weather to walk along the beach. I have to say that I felt more optimistic about this venture while I was nice and toasty warm in the car. When we were actually strolling along the promenade my toes were numb in less than 5 minutes. Lucky with my power of persuasion I managed to convince my husband that we should have a late lunch/ early dinner and go inside the warm and cosy walls of TGI FRIDAYS and order a huge mofo Jack Daniels burger. Oh so delicious!! Plus, to make it even better the baby didn't make a sound and was a little delight.

Here is Theodore getting loved on by his daddy in TGI Fridays.


Now that the evening has rolled around, the baby is bathed and in bed without a fuss, my husband has gone for a drive with his friend somewhere because he is in love with his friends car and I'm sitting here with my feet up finishing off one of the muffins I made watching The Polar Express. I love Christmas films!

All in all a good day and a good night!

How did you spend your Saturday?

This is me, although I feel this applies to a myriad of people; not just middle aged                             Photo Credit: Here
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