How To Turn Your Hobby Into Side Hustle

4 years ago
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Have you been contemplating getting a side hustle going but just can’t commit to the idea?

You’re probably busy dwelling on all the reasons not to start a side hustle, so I’m gonna give you 3 good reasons right off the bat why you should:

1) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–you can’t go wrong investing in yourself. Diversify your assets! Spread your talents out if possible so you’re not solely reliant on that 9-5 income. Just don’t quit your day job at the beginning! All good things come with time.

2) You never know what you’ll learn about yourself, or what skills you’ll pick up along the way. I started this blog less than a month ago and I’m already proficient in search engine optimization and internet web hosting. Who’d have thought??

3)  Your twenties are the time to explore, make mistakes, and learn. It’s scary to put yourself out there and risk failure or criticism, but now is the time to do it! You might find your true calling or meet a future business partner along the way.

The key to making a side hustle work is doing something  you love, otherwise you’ll get discouraged if you don’t see immediate success. A side hustle is ideally something you’d be doing anyways, and if you happen to find a way to make money off of it, great!

Take Jay Z as an example:

Side Hustle

Budweiser consultant? Nets and Arsenal ownership? Clothing line? The man has the right idea!

So try it out, turn your hobby into a side hustle! What do you have to lose?

Money, you say. You have money to lose.

You don’t have a lot of funds and the little you do have you’re not necessarily trying to invest in something as uncertain as a side hustle. I got you covered! I came up with a few ideas to get you brainstorming and organized them by the amount of money you’d need to get started.

Little to No Money:

  • Are you good at something? Teach it to someone. For instance, do you dance? Teach at a studio part time. How about play an instrument? Offer lessons locally and advertise online. If you speak another language, you could teach that language, or tutor people overseas on Skype in English. You could do test prep. If you like doing yoga, teach others. Host a yoga get-together/retreat. There’s no limit to what you can do so long as it’s a skill others would be interested in learning.
  • Are you artsy? I have a friend that turned his love for drawing into a full blown business–he’s now regularly seen in fairs and commissions pieces. Can you sketch/draw/paint? Market that. Can you scrapbook? Offer your services to bridal parties! Do you make cute jewelry? Soap? Wreaths? Sell them on Etsy! Love making gifts for your kids? This site is dedicated to selling responses to Santa letters. You could do something similar, like letters from a Disney Princess or letters from Spongebob. Again, depending on you and your talents, this is an easy way to make money for something you already make/produce.
  • Do you garden? Plant extra fruits and veggies this year and sell the excess in variety bags to your neighbors and at farmer’s markets. Or, if you have a green thumb for flowers, grow your own and arrange them into bouquets to sell. Put specials up around all major holidays–Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Christmas–and you might really have something there!

Some Money:

  • Can you bake? Offer treats around holidays as well, same idea. Cookie bins, cupcakes, birthday cakes, cake lollipops–whatever you can do!
  • Are you good at cutting and styling hair? Maybe you wanna open up a barbershop on the side. Or maybe you wanna offer bridal parties hair styling services at discounted rates to get you started. Do good work and that’s a hustle that can take off quickly through referrals!
  • Not open to trying your styling tips on humans just yet? How about animals? Try pet grooming on the side if you have a dog you already pamper, fluff up, and dress in little ribbons.
  • Do you know how to do great makeup? You might need to invest in some new products to get you started, but if you got the right skills there’s no limit to what you can do. Michelle Phan started out marketing her makeup tips on YouTube and look at her now!

A Decent Amount of Money:

  • Love taking photos? Try doing photography on the side. You need skills and equipment, but if this is something you’re passionate about you can definitely market your business to future brides and business people looking for professional portraits. You could also start a boudoir photography company if you’re a lady, and offer free/discounted shoots to new moms and cancer survivors as a way to help get you started!
  • Are you a party animal? Maybe dj-ing is the side hustle for you. With the right laptop, and again equipment, you could make a couple hundred dollars in a night playing for all sorts of events. Don’t forget to pick up business cards at Vistaprint to spread the word!
  • Can you sew? College students will pay good money for shirts with their fraternity or sorority letters on them. If you have a sewing machine, moderate sewing skills, and alumni connections, this is a great way to make extra cash on the side!

Get creative! With a little ingenuity you can turn your hobby into a side hustle in no time ;)

Side Hustle

Do you have a side hustle? Feel free to share in the comments section below!




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