How to Treat Your Headache Naturally

3 years ago
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Last week, I shared that I would be camping over the weekend with my best friend. We had a great time! Our trip primarily revolved around eating; Jenny's husband is basically a gourmet chef and made us some pretty incredible meals. In close second to all the eating was the beautiful natural spring on site. We took nightly walks to the water and spent some time canoeing and swimming during the day. Did you know that Florida is home to more than 900 fresh springs? All of which have a cool temperature around 72 degrees.

Manatee Springs||Simple Medicine

I've been visiting the natural springs of Florida since I was a little kid. I have vivid memories of renting giant inner tubes to float down Mother Nature's lazy river. As a child the cool water didn't really bother me; this time it look me 15 minutes to actually jump in and submerge myself because it was so darn cold (in the end it was totally worth it). There is nothing more refreshing than hydrotherapy on a hot summer day.

Best Friends

Being near the cool springs was the perfect remedy for my husband who woke up with a headache on our first day at camp. After a quick early morning dip in the water he was instantly refreshed and headache free. It reminded me of how powerful water is in healing the body; jumping into the cool water helped to boost his circulation and flush out toxins. It also instantly improved his energy.

Hydrotherapy is an ancient practice that has been used to treat everything from headaches and fevers to digestive disorders and insomnia. It is based on the premise that healing is dependent upon blood flow and water of varying temperatures can influence blood flow to specific areas of the body. The implications of a hot or cold hydrotherapy application depends on the temperature of the water and the length of the application. In short bursts, cold and hot water has the ability to stimulate circulation; this is why jumping into the cold spring water was beneficial for my husband's headache.

Treating a headache with hydrotherapy at home is incredibly easy; skip the Advil and try this instead:

  • Fill a basin with hot water (around 100-104F), place a small wash cloth in the hot water
  • Fill another basin with ice and water, place a small wash cloth in the cold water
  • Wring out the hot water towel and place it on the back of your neck for 3 minutes, after three minutes, wring out the cold water towel and place it on your neck; replacing the hot water towel.
  • Do this three times; alternating hot and cold (3 minutes hot: 30 seconds cold).
  • End on a cold application

I'm going to spend the rest of this week dreaming about crickets and bonfires. Happy Monday!

Matt and Pre

Manatee Springs


Dr. Pragati Gusmano (@DoctorPragati) is a naturopathic doctor who believes that a happy + healthy life is the best medicine. You can read more on her blog, Simple Medicine.

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