How to Take Your Blog with You on Vacation

3 years ago

We hear all the time how important it is to keep your blog on a schedule, whether that means posting at 7am every Monday through Friday, or posting once a week at 5pm.  Whatever it is, regularity is key to let your readers know when to expect new content from you. 

On vacation though, that can be difficult.  It goes way beyond simply scheduling a post to go live each day, especially if you usually share your posts on social media, post photos, and interact on sites like Twitter and Facebook. 

Blogging on vacation is something that I've fallen victim to several times over the years, unsure of how to ensure regularity when I can't be sure when I'll be able to post, and usually deciding to take a week-long break instead.  This year though, I figured out a few ways to make the process easier, so that each post this week - social media included - was scheduled ahead of time.

Take your blog on vacation

First and foremost, take an hour or so to sit down and plan out what you'd like to write about while you're on vacation.  If you write Monday through Friday and you're going on vacation for a week, what are five blog post ideas that can be written relatively easily?  Because you're going to be writing these posts all at once, rather than one at a time like you may be used to, it's important that it not take you hours to put together one post.


If you take your own blog photos and don't have a personal "stock" collection, spend a few hours out with your camera taking (and editing) pictures relevant to the posts you have planned.  If you use a site like Unsplash, start searching through the archives for photos you can use with each of your posts.

Once you've chosen enough pictures so that you'll have at least one to go with each post, get them ready.  If you use a "title" photo like the one above, head on over to PicMonkey and put that together. 

Share Your Posts                                                                            

I've mentioned before how important it is to share your posts all over social media - on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and wherever else you regularly check other blogs.  That doesn't stop mattering when you're at the beach, so sites like Hootsuite take on a whole new level of importance here (Hootsuite especially is great for this, because there's no limit to how many posts you can schedule, or how far ahead you can schedule them for).

Last week, after I'd perfected each post, I briefly posted it in order to grab the post URL.  This way, I could share the posts on social media as soon as they went live without setting it up the day of.  I also took about an hour on Thursday and Friday to schedule social media love for the blogs I enjoy reading, articles I found interesting, quotes, questions, and sponsor love. 

Basically, if it's something you post regularly, make sure it still gets posted when you're away.

So what about you? Do you have any go-tos for blogging on vacation?

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