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How to Successfully Interview


It is important to develop a connection and common ground with an interviewer for college, an internship or a job.  They are not only looking for someone who meets their educational or experience requirements, but also an individual who is confident, self assured and that they feel a personal connection with and like.  An interview is a social interaction between you and a prospective employer or graduate school where good communication skills can carry the day to increase the likelihood of success.

Our experienced coaches have lectured and trained undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young and experienced professionals, and can work with you one on one to drill, practice and provide the training you need to navigate through and be successful on your interviews.  We can even provide resume writing tips.  To arrange a personal coaching session, click on the Coach Me link now.

The following are our top tips for interviewing:

Make Eye Contact and Smile. 

Look directly in the eyes of the interviewer when listening and speaking and display a pleasant and warm persona by smiling.

Be Confident, Self Assured and Assertive

Believe in yourself and your educational accomplishments and experience, be assertive and exude confidence during the interview.

Be Prepared

Find out everything you can about the company, the position you are applying or and even the interviewer by looking them up on their internet and social media sites such as Linked-In and Facebook and show off that knowledge at the interview.

Practice, Role Play and Rehearse

Practice, role play with others and rehearse interview questions you believe will be asked and how you will respond to them.  Script out responses and be prepared to relate how you and your experiences are ideal for the position.  Video yourself to see how you speak and respond. Our coaches are here to help!


Use the breathing and visualization techniques to be relaxed, calm and collective during the interview process.


You can use compliments about the things you have heard about the company to show the interviewer you have an interest in the company.

Actively Listen and Respond

Actively listen to the questions and be prepared to provide very detailed responses and draw in your personal experiences and achievements. 

Ask Open Questions

Script out and memorize a list of open questions about the company, the work environment, and the position and ask them to keep the conversation going.

Be Positive and Upbeat

Be positive and upbeat in the interview. You want to be likeable, warm and engaging with the interviewer.

Do Not Be Negative About Your Former Employer or Manager

Never talk negatively about your former employer or manager and always speak highly of the experiences you gained from your last position and how it can help you in the position you are interviewing for.

Be Energetic and Enthusiastic

Be energetic and show you are enthusiastic about the position and the company.

Keep the Conversation Going

It is important to keep a steady conversation going with the interviewer.  Ask questions and be detailed in your responses and do all that you can to fill up any moments of silence or long pauses.

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