How to Register a Car in The UAE

10 months ago
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You are not allowed to bring the vehicle on the UAE roads without a valid motor vehicle registration. It is mandatory to register your car with the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) center. The validity period of each car registration is one year, and it is the duty of the owner to renew car registration before its last or expiry date. However, you will have to visit the RTA office several times if you don’t understand the renewal process or go to the RTA center unprepared. If you have a new car, the first registration is mostly done by the dealer, but you will have to take charge of subsequent registrations. 

Here are a few things that you need to know to register your car easily and quickly in Dubai.

Keep All the Required Documents 

Before going to an RTA center, make sure that you have all the required documents. 

Here is a list of documents that you need to submit during car registration:

  • Driving license
  • Passport or Emirates ID
  • Valid Dubai visa
  • Past vehicle testing certificate
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Original insurance certificate
  • Original letter of mortgage from the bank (if available)
  • Printed, original sale contract from the showroom

Initial Car Registration:  

For the registration of your car, you just need to give the above-mentioned documents to your nearest RTA center. If your car is new, you will also have to provide the authorization from the showroom. However, in most cases, the car dealer takes the responsibility of the vehicle’s initial registration. If you have all the documents, the registration will not take more than half an hour.

If your car is being used for 3 years, it needs to be inspected by the RTA’s authorized testing provision. If the car fails the vehicle registration exam, the owner is asked to bring the car again for a retest within 30 days after fixing the issue. However, if the vehicle fails the exam again, a fine of AED 35 have to be made.

Pay the Fees.

Once you fill all the necessary forms and pay RTA fee, they will provide you with the registration card. You will also get a sticker that needs to be placed on the car’s rear number plate. If you are re-registering your car online, you can get them delivered the card as well as the sticker to your place for an additional fee.

Do Not Forget to Renew Car Registration

Always remember the expiry date of car registration unless you will have to pay a fine of AED 400 to the Dubai traffic police. And before proceeding to your car renewal, make sure that you clear any existing/unpaid traffic fines. Also, a vehicle will be impounded if you are caught by police with an expiry registration card. Make sure you know and follow the UAE traffic rules at all times.  

Car registration renewal is not a hectic process, but can usually be done in a day. If you are busy or do not want to go through the hassle of registration renewal, there are companies that will pick your vehicle from your home, get it registered, and drop it back to the same place the next day. 

You can renew your car registration online in minutes and right from the comfort of your home or workplace. You just need to visit the website, get quotes within a minute and your policy within half an hour. 

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