How To ~ Recover A Chair

5 years ago

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a room is with the addition of new furniture.

One of the most expensive ways to update the look of a room is with the addition of new furniture.

Next, we laid out the fabric with the "correct" or "pretty" side facing the floor. Rachel purchased 4 yards for this project, but that was without measuring to see how much she would need. Turns out she only needed 2 yards, and 2 1/2 would have given her wiggle room. An example of measure twice, cut once! To Rachel's credit, she is NOT a crafty person (that is why I was called in to help) and she just made an educated guess. Now she has extra fabric to do her only little project!! She paid $5 per yard, so it wasn't THAT big of a deal.

Note the lovely tucked corner. We are going to try and duplicate this.

Starting to take it apart. We found a flat head screwdriver to pry and a pair of pliers to pull the staples worked well. Be warned this part can be frustrating and dangerous with sharp edges.

The original was 2 separate pieces. We did the same wrap-around technique that we did with the seat.

This is the bottom of the seat back. Note how they stapled in the groove of the wooden seat back. We will be duplicating this. It is the the same technique as the seat bottom. Lay out, cut, staple, fold and tuck, and end with a neat edge stapled in the bottom of the seat back. I would have photos of the process, but it is basically the same as the seat bottom. Besides, we had 3 kids under 3 running around, and we can only do so many things at the same time! Taking photos slipped our creative minds!

Here is the finished chair. Just re-screw the seat and the back into place, and you are good to go! $40 for 2 chairs, $20 for 4 yards of fabric = 2 recovered chairs for the living room. How much did you pay for your last set of chairs?

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