How Quickly We Forget

6 years ago


It’ easy to forget how far we have progressed in life in regards to our finances, our career, as well as the relationships around us. The past is meant to be used as a tool to tell others, how far God has brought you in life. We humble ourselves before God when we stop periodically to think about what God was able to do for us in our lowest place in our life. This is the place in life that when difficult situations presented themselves, only the hand of God could have saved us. When I look around my home at all of the great things God has blessed me with, I become thankful. I recall not very long ago when I had lost everything. I was faced with the decision of remaining bitter off the fact that  I would then be starting over, or instead I could choose to humble myself before God, admitting that I was helpless without him, that I needed him to take the reins of my life and correct the areas which I had made a mess of. Once God delivers us to safety, somehow it’s easy to forget, just exactly how far God has brought us.  We can never work to earn our salvation. However we can allow ourselves to revisit the past for the purpose of a testimony to others that are going through a difficult season in life, especially if it closely resembles what we have experienced or been through. I have learned over time that my purpose wasn’t just about advancing career wise, nor was it  about gaining exposure from as many people as possible, that would take the time to listen to anything I had to say. In addition our purpose in life , isn’t about making money by the truck loads, rather our purpose in life can easily become taking our life experiences and allowing God to show us a way to lift up as well as encourage the next human being. It isn’t meant for us to operate in a victim mentality, in not being able to mentally and emotionally move away from the past. Instead we physically step out of the past, walking into our future while taking those lessons in life along with us as a blueprint, in order to help build up the next person. Jesus taught use this concept during his times of devout servant hood while he was here on earth with man prior to being crucified for our sins. Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I’m reading a book right now called “ I was always on my mind” by  Steve Sampson.  It is a wonderful read that focuses on transitioning our mind as well as our hearts off of us, and going forth in faith so that God can use us all how he sees fit. God definitely know what is best for his children.  The key trusts him at his word. I love you more importantly Jesus loves you and yes he does care.

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