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Ah, Pinterest. While you sometimes drive me crazy with your impossibly perfect everything, I do love you. I can always count on you for fabulous recipes, cute crafts, and inspiring quotes. However – don’t take this the wrong way – you are incredibly disorganized. But, it’s not you, it’s me.

So began my difficult conversation with Pinterest. Because I reached a point of having so many pins and not enough boards and I could never, and I mean never, find what I was looking for on my own boards. And since I really try to use Pinterest, at least a fair amount of the time, to collect ideas for recipes I will actually cook, crafts I will actually create, and DIY projects I will actually do, I needed a better system.

Ideally, I should have thought about how I wanted to structure my boards and name them and collect my pins before I started pinning. But let’s face it, when a person discovers Pinterest for the first time, it is a frenzy of pinning this, that, and everything all over the place.  Clearly the ship had sailed long ago on starting things off right.

So I needed to add some organization to my boards so I could find what I was looking for when I needed it. If you are an obsessive compulsive organizer like me, or if you just want to spiffy up your Pinterest boards, here are some tips on how to organize Pinterest boards!

1. Keep boards specific so they don’t get too overwhelming. When I started using Pinterest, I created a “Yummy!” board to pin all my recipes I found onto. After using Pinterest a lot for finding new recipes, this board got huge and extremely overwhelming. So I created subcategories – Yummy Dinners, Yummy Desserts, Yummy Sides, etc. You can do the same thing for other types of categories, for example Holiday Ideas, could be broken down by specific holiday – Holiday Ideas – Christmas, Holiday Ideas – Halloween, etc.

  • A note about naming boards: In the examples above, I chose to use the same first word followed by a descriptor (Holiday Ideas – Christmas). I did this to make it easier to find the board I want when pinning. If I see a holiday idea, I know to look for “Holiday” then pick the specific event. Boards are listed alphabetically in the drop down menu for selecting the board you want to pin to. So consider using categories and subcategories when naming boards, or if it is a board you pin to frequently, try naming it something that will place it fairly high up on the alphabetical list.
  • If you are like me, you may have started with one broad category, and now want to divide that board into subcategories. The bad news here – Pinterest has no way to select several pins and simply move them around. You have to do this pin by pin. It is cumbersome and time consuming, but it does save you time in the long run if you frequently go back to your boards to find specific pins. You can either move the pin, simply repin it to another board, or repin it and then delete the pin from the original board.
  • To move a pin: Hover over the pin (or click on the pin if using a mobile device). Click the pencil icon to edit the pin. Select the new board you would like the pin to be on. Click save.
    • A note for bloggers: When organizing my “Yummy!” board into subcategories, I chose to repin the pins to my new boards (for example, Yummy Dinners) and still leave the pin on the original board as well. The reason I did this was because I have several past posts that link to my “Yummy!” board. Doing it this way means people who click through to that boards from a past post will still find many recipes. Moving forward, I pin to the specific subcategory board and direct readers to my collection of Yummy boards.   

      2. Choose good cover photos for your boards. This helps you to easily identify boards at a glance. If you are a blogger or just someone looking to have more followers on Pinterest, it also helps to draw attention to your boards and increase the followers. After all, if you like pinning outfit ideas, are you more likely to click on a board with a perfectly put together outfit for a cover photo, or one with half a torso?

      3. Add keywords to the description in your pins to make them easier to find. This may not be something you will go back to all your pins and fix, but it can certainly help moving forward. Just adding the words “chicken dinner” to the description in your chicken recipes, can make it easier to find them when you search using the term “chicken dinner” and select “Just my pins.” You could even do this with a handful of your favorite recipes – go back to the pins and add “favorite dessert” to the description. Then when you want to quickly find a favorite dessert recipe, you can search and narrow it down to just the ones you’ve tagged with this keyword descriptor.

      4. Keep up with your Pinterest housekeeping chores to maintain well-organized boards. Occasionally take a little time to do the following so you can maintain your well-organized boards:

      • Delete multiple pins from any boards.
      • Delete or move pins that have accidentally been placed on the wrong board.
      • Rename boards if you find you want them higher on the alphabetical list or you find the focus of the board is a little different than you had originally planned.
      • Further categorize boards as they begin to get too big again. I plan to further divide my “Yummy Dinners” board soon as it is growing too big. Maybe dividing it by type of meal – chicken, pork, etc.; or pulling out casseroles and crockpot meals into their own boards.  

      You can keep loving Pinterest, but like any good relationship, it just takes a little upkeep. Want to check out how I organize my boards? You can find me here on Pinterest!

      How do you organize YOUR Pinterest boards?

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