How My iPod Was the Gateway Drug to All Things Apple (Including the Brand-New iPad)

Edited at 2:00pm:

The announcements have all been made! The new products include Apple TV at 99.00 with HD capability, the iPad with a higher resolution retina display, and iOS 5.1 updates! Check out Mashable here for complete information on today's releases.

I am sure Steve Jobs had a major role in today's new product announcement and that this may have been the last product he had his hands on so of course I want it (or them if rumor is true and more than one product will be released today).

March 7, 2012 - San Francisco, California, U.S. - Apple CEO TIM COOK talks about the display on the new iPad during an Apple product launch event. Apple Inc. unveiled the third version of the iPad Wednesday and says new features will have a sharper display, faster processor, voice dictation and the ability to tap into faster cellular networks. (Credit Image: © Xinhua/

Fact is, every time Apple releases something new, I get the I wants. I have the iPad 2, the iPhone 4s and of course I bought OS Lion when my son the computer programmer told me I needed to update my MacBook Pro. Apple products are my crack, and I am an addict.  

Steve Jobs was totally correct when he predicted that the iPod would be the gateway to people wanting to have all things Apple. Hubby and I started our Apple addiction with iPods. The year we got them, we downloaded cd after cd and loaded up our iPods. Of course we had to have the best headphones to use with our iPods, so we have baskets and bags of headphones, from noise canceling to earbuds, with microphones and without, we have quite a selection to pick from when we are in the mood for music.  

And then The Coolest iPod Ever, the iPod touch, was released in 2007. In casual conversation with the hubby during the first commercial we saw for this iPod, I told him I wanted it. He surprised me a few weeks later with my very own Touch, and all that did was make me want the iPhone even more. Again, Apple products were the gateway drug for me!  

We switched carriers and bought each other iPhone 3s and we were happy campers. Speaking of camping, when we'd go RVing, we didn't have internet service. (Side note: Boy, it's been a while since we went camping!) Despite dropped calls and crappy service, we pledged allegiance to the iPhone. We didn't care if it dropped calls; telephoning with it was secondary, although hubby is much more of a phone caller than I am. It was cool to be able to connect to the internet with our phones. It was so novel for us. We loved it.

When the iPad was released, we laughed. "It's just a big iPhone," hubby said. It was released right around the time of our tenth anniversary and hubby had promised me an anniversary ring for our tenth. To my surprise, he came home from a mall trip with one of his kids and handed me an Apple Store bag with the iPad inside! As soon as I pulled it out of the box, I lamented that "I couldn't wear it on my ring finger."  

We took turns holding it up to our ears and pretending to make phone calls. For me, it was love at first sight. It was a heavy device, though, and my old-lady hands had trouble holding it for any length of time. I bought a keyboard Bluetooth case and hubby laughed that I had just turned my iPad into a laptop. Days later, I ordered him his own iPad. And I got my anniversary ring too!

Of course I had to have the iPad 2, because it was lighter and faster and it had a front-facing camera for Skyping, which I promised to do often if I got one. (I have not made one Skype or FaceTime call with my iPad2) At this point, my parents had also developed the Apple habit. My dad has an iPad and iPhone and my mom wanted one to shop with. Ha! Justification to buy the iPad 2 came when she offered to buy my old iPad. She gave me the cash and I put in the order.

Since then, hubby and I upgraded to the iPhone 4S and we I love Siri. Reception is getting better, but we still have dropped calls. But we don't care.

So here I am sitting waiting, with bated breath, to find out what today's big announcement will be. And I just found a pile of cash in the bathroom. Is that hubby's way of telling me it is OK to order the new iPad3? Ha, no, it isn't. But you know dang well I have the I Wants once again, even before I know for a fact what it is that Apple is releasing today.

What are your predictions? Are you excited? Has Apple made you an addict like me?


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