How much do people spend on their landscape?

9 months ago
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Today, homeowners are taking advantage of every square metre of property they own both inside and out. You can consider the backyard an extension of your home. It’s a great place to entertain, for the kids to play or a private spot to simply to relax in after a hard day’s work.

As we’re seeing a desire and need for more space, a greater number of homeowners are realising their outdoor area is underutilised and could provide the additional square footage they crave. Homeowners are also opting to increase their property value by upgrading their homes rather than purchase a new and improved home.

If you’re thinking of renovating your outdoor space, getting a sense of what people tend to spend on their landscape can be helpful. However, as with all renovation projects around the home, costs for can vary considerably, depending on the brief and labour required.

What’s the average cost of landscaping?

The costs of landscaping a backyard can differ significantly depending on the size of the project, the complexity and the locations of the property. Landscape Designer Trystan Graham of Outdoor Establishments says, it’s extremely difficult to provide a figure of the average spend.

Not only is size and location a factor, throw a swimming pool into the brief and the cost of the renovation has increased substantially, Trystan explains. Some projects will be simply soft landscape consisting of plants, soil, mulch and labour, whereas others will be more involved with pools, hardscaping, lighting, pergola structures etc. It’s easy to see how providing an average figure is a challenge.

To give you an idea of how much a project can vary in costs, Trystan compares a couple of current projects. “We’re working on small projects in the inner-city with an average cost of around $60,000. In comparison, we’re currently building a project that’s on acreage with landscape work of over $1 million”.

You’ve also got to factor in the costs of designing an initial concept for the garden. This could range from $5,000 - $10,000 depending on the project, advises Trystan.

What do homeowners prioritise?

In a 2016 survey by Houzz, 9-10 Australian homeowners are planning substantial updates or complete overhauls of their outdoor space which would drive the average spend north. Those who are undertaking a complete landscape overhaul have bigger budgets with over 50% of homeowners budgeting more than $15,000.

It was also found most homeowners prioritise outdoor living in their landscape design, followed closely by integration of the garden with their home’s architecture and style. In regard to the functionality of the backyard space, homeowners are looking for low maintenance and a garden that provides the ability to entertain friends and family.

Does spending on landscape increase home’s value?

If you’re looking to do any upgrades to your home, whether indoors or out, it’s always worth considering the impact it has on the value of your property, even if you’re not intending to move.

Director of Melbourne real-estate agency Kay & Burton, Prue McLaughlin, says “a well-designed landscape could add at least 20% to your property’s value.”

There are several reasons landscaping your backyard could result in a higher sale price, advises Prue. “A great landscape helps make a home easier to sell as a great first impression creates an emotional pull. It also helps finish off the property and in a way, a garden dresses the house. Finally, prospective buyers appreciate a mature garden that doesn’t require time waiting for it to grow.”

Conversely, a poorly designed landscape or a property with no garden could easily decrease the value by over 20%, says Prue. “It makes the property harder to sell and is less appealing to a wide variety of buyers.”

Information provided courtesy of luxury outdoor specialist Eco Outdoor.

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