If You Want to Move Abroad After the Election, It's Worth It

5 months ago
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Following every major election, there is a surge in people declaring they are heading overseas to escape the madness. It happened in the UK with Brexit, and it happened in the US with Trump. Everyone seems to think that heading to another country will cure not only their political woes but their general life woes. And to a certain extent, they are probably right. Take it from someone who didn’t set stay at the same address for longer than 1 year throughout her late teens and early 20s, moving around is awesome. And moving overseas is better.

Update your perspective

If you’re stuck in a rut and everything seems really samey, heading to a new country can help shake out some of those cobwebs. You’ll be forced to re-learn really basic things that you have previously taken for granted, like how to shop in supermarkets, or how the recycling works. If you move to another country where no one speaks your language, you’ll also have to learn to communicate.

Meet new people

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll always make friends, and you’ll always be able to keep in touch with friends you made everywhere else in the world. One of the biggest eye-openers after recent elections is just how much everyone lives in a personal bubble-like echo chamber. If you’re hoping to find some different perspectives, head overseas.

Boost your confidence

There’s nothing quite like being out of your comfort zone to help you get over your insecurities. Making new friends and learning a new language will help to push you and bring you out of your shell. A lot of things will require much more effort, even things as simple of ordering food in a restaurant, so you really won’t have any choice to be quiet or shy. It’s the perfect opportunity to jump in feet first!

The downside: red tape

You haven’t lived until you’ve spent two hours in the wrong queue at a foreign council office, only to find out you’ve got the wrong form, and the person you need to see with a stamp only works on alternate Wednesdays. Red tape is a common complaint for moving overseas, and each country will have their own individual nightmarish scenarios waiting for you. The UK Visa Application process is particularly long-winded, while the America the DMV process for switching your license is a whole new world. Be prepared for everything to be a little more difficult than it would be at home, but the rewards will be well worth it!

A Fresh Start

Moving abroad doesn't have to be an extended vacation or a brief stint before going home. A lot of people who head overseas soon fall in love with their newfound home, or find love in their newfound home. This can lead to all sorts of exciting adventures, so make sure you know the steps to gaining indefinite leave to remain as planning ahead will make it easier when the time comes to put in your application. 

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