How to Move in the Direction of Your Dreams (Dream BIG!)

3 years ago

One of the most precious things in this life that you can give is your time, because once its gone you will never get it back! When you turn thirty five years old, you can not go back to being twenty five again.Think about the age that you are now… now think about something that you wanted to do, but did not. Maybe you had to put your dream on hold for some personal reason, or life simply got the best of you and somewhere along the way you lost site of your dream. In life everyone goes through their own ups and downs, its just apart of life. The key is finding something that is worth dedicating your life’s work to. Whatever your passion is, that one thing that you can’t help but do, whatever it is that just comes naturally to you. More than likely that is your gift. If it brings joy to your heart, why not ingrain that source of happiness deeper into your life?


If you begin to envision yourself doing all the things that your heart desires, picturing yourself ten years from now standing in the shoes of all your accomplishments. Know and understand that  this can very well be your reality ten years from now. Cast all of your negative thoughts out of your mind. Of course the thought of you accomplishing everything that you have dreamed of is a scarey thought. Because you instantly begin to ask yourself questions like.. am I good enough? Do I have what it takes to get there? Its only fear of the unknown, and yes its normal. Imagine if you knew every single thing that would happen in your life from beginning to end... wouldn’t that be a boring life? Absolutely no excitement. One of the of the things that makes life so exciting is not knowing what's next, but having faith that everything will work out for the better.


Instantly put yourself one step closer to your dream, by setting a small goal that will put you one step closer to achieving a bigger goal. For example: Lets say your dream is to be a chef. Without even trying you know that chefs are very knowledgeable about how to work with alot of different ingredients. So starting from the bottom, one of the first small goals you could set for yourself is to choose one ingredient per week, and take that week to invest in your knowledge of that ingredient. Learning its origin, what it looks like, how it taste, and how to work with it. Learning about four new ingredients a month is not only a great way to invest your time in the direction of your dreams, but a great way to invest in yourself as well. Setting small goals that will ultimately lead to accomplishing a bigger goal is a great way to concentrate your efforts while focusing on the bigger picture. With each small goal that you accomplish, you can feel confident knowing that you are on the path that leads to your success. So dont be discouraged, apply yourself, keep site of your goals, invest your time wisely, and remember that nothing will work unless you do. God gave you vision so that you can see where you are going, keep your eye on the prize! Dream BIG!

Dream BIG, Love HARD, & Live on PURPOSE!

Love Yall! :)






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