How to Keep Your Burritos from Getting Dry (and other ways to ask for help).

8 years ago

This morning, I re-heated some breakfast burritos for my husband and me. His was ready first so he took a bite as I went to re-heat mine. After his first taste, my husband said "When you heat yours, be sure to turn it over so the edges don't get dry." His point was to let me know that there was a better way to make the burritos so I would enjoy them more. I took it to mean that I had ruined his breakfast and made it all dry. I told him that I was sorry for ruining his breakfast and got pretty defensive.

Unfortunately, I made my husband feel badly and at a loss for what to say. He really was just giving me a tip to improve my experience and I took it the wrong way (even as I write this, I have to really laugh at myself and the way I think sometimes).  

The reality is that my husband looks out for me all the time and genuinely wants to help and make me happy. I, however, in an ongoing effort to be successful and do things as "perfectly" as possible, often create little room for people to help me out. Not exactly a winning strategy.

When I first became a mother, I had to learn very quickly that I couldn't do everything solo. I had to ask for help from my husband, family members, friends and doctors. And, with each new phase of parenting, I often find useful books that, at a minimum, put me at ease about my approach to caring for my son. Asking for and accepting help is critical.

The beauty of the internet today is that there is so much information available to us. And, with tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. there are infinite ways to find partners and others who can help us to achieve our goals. As a mompreneur, this is especially important.

We don't have to know it all and there are so many people out there that would love to help, whether it's teaching you specifics about how they are using social media, or they are simply sharing their experiences to help guide you through the pitfalls.

Spend time looking for partners using the latest social media tools and know that there is always more than one way to do things. Also remember that you have a lot of knowledge to share so don't be shy about telling others about what you know.

As a business owner, this will take you far, and as a mom, it will not only benefit you in what you can learn, but you'll also be teaching your children a very valuable lesson early on.  

By the way, I took my husband's advice and my breafast burritos came out much better than his. Glad I listened.

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