How To Keep Ice Cream Fresher Longer

3 years ago

You scream!! We scream!!  I DEFINITELY SCREAM for ice cream!!!

I am constantly purchasing ice cream (I may not know what's for dinner, but I always have dessert).  I could go to the grocery store for just toilet paper, but may not be able to fight the urge to go down the freezer aisle.  You just never know if a new ice cream flavor has come out since you were there a few days ago.  I'm just saying.
But my love of ice cream comes with one major headache.  Don't you get upset when your ice cream gets freezer burned??  That is a crime in my book.  So I found a way to reduce the problem, since I couldn't find a way to permanently prevent it.

It's rare that I'll eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting, so I usually have at least half of the pint left.  I started placing a sandwich bag (not the zipper ones) over the top of the pint.  I then press it down so that it is directly on top of the ice cream, pushing out excess air.  I've found that this helps cut back on ice building up in the pint.  This technique has helped to keep my ice cream fresher longer.  This means I throw out less ice cream because of freezer burn.  And ice cream is too expensive for that, especially the good stuff.


I haven't tried this with half gallons, but I'm sure the result would be the same.  I'll try placing plastic wrap on our new Blue Bell Dos Amigos ice cream.  How do you keep your ice cream fresh?  Have you tried any similar technique?

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