How I Made My Son Hate Superman

4 years ago


After almost three weeks from its release date, my husband and I were finally able to watch Man of Steel.  We had to beg Noah to just go with us so we can see it, in spite of his protestations and firm resolve that his loyalties belong only to Iron Man.  (By the way, yes, I know the movie is PG-13 and we're awful parents for taking him.  Can we drop the judgment and move on now?)
Considering that the movie was more than two hours long, I was quite impressed that my son was able to behave the whole time and stay as patient as he could.  The restlessness was there of course, but there was no whining that went on.  Could it be because I kept my son entertained with the drooling that was taking place on my side of the theater?  Was it that obvious??
What probably started out as amusing to my son ended up as annoying.  The following day after seeing this movie, he must've noticed his mother endlessly Googling only two words:  Henry Cavill.  It would've been fine if I had stopped there but I uttered words that I didn't expect my son to deem unforgivable to the utmost degree:  "He's just the CUTEST!"
Apparently, I am not allowed to say those words about anyone else but him.  As soon as I said that, he growled, literally, and showed me the worst angry monster face he could muster.  He then said, "I hate Superman!", followed by, "Mama, I thought you said I'm the cutest for you???"

I felt bad.  A little bit.  But I couldn't lie.  This guy is gorgeous, and dare I say it, hot!  If you know me, you're probably a bit shocked considering that (1) I don't normally use the word 'hot' to describe men because I don't go for the conventional 'hot'; and (2) my dear Henry is actually 10 years younger than I am which is completely new territory for me.  Let me put it this way.  When my husband found out that I have a little crush going on, the first thing he said was, "But he's not OLD?!  You usually like older dudes (with graying hair, if they still have hair left)!" (Yeah.  Thanks honey for bringing that up!).  
Let's be honest.  What's not to love about this ridiculously handsome face?  Not only does he have those dreamy eyes and dark hair, he's also an English man with awesome teeth!!  Whoa?!
But please don't get me wrong.  I don't only love him for his face.
     There's his body too!  
I admit that I think it's actually cute that my son's a bit jealous.  I didn't realize he was that possessive of me and my approval.  (Duh!)  However, I know that I better tone this down now.  No it's not because I'm afraid of the  cougar label; nor is it out of concern for my son's self-esteem.  (If anything, I think it's great that he knows it's not my sole purpose to worship him).  I just think I need to behave myself now, stop pissing my son off and encourage some admiration for Superman IN CASE Man of Steel part two gets released anytime soon.  It's better to have him on my side next time rather than have him whine, roll his eyes, scream for Iron Man and ruin my concentration on this angstsy alien superhero....or is it Greek god???
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