How I keep Organized

3 years ago

Friday, August 1, 2014

What tools do you use to keep organized so things on your to-do list don't slip through the cracks?

Oh this is super easy, I use various tools but I have one very main one that I use. My Erin Condren Life Planner, different pens, markers, inserts, and other various things. Most people say that Erin Condren is a hefty price to pay just for a paper planner, and trust me I was saying that also before I purhcased it. I have owned one each year since 2011, and I still love using my ECLP daily. I just recently purchased an 18 month version, even though it is a bit bulkier than a 12 month planner, I am still happy with my decision. 

Besides all of the awesome perks from having an ECLP I also have different colored pens. I'm a bit OCD and love to have things color coded, ie: bills, payments, date night, wedding stuff, etc. The different colors remind me of what it is, which is fine, I like having structure like that. In unison with the pens I also use stickers, lots and lots of stickers, some have certain bills written on them, wedding planning, workouts, running and etc. They are mostly a different color, bills are usually a dark color, because lets face it, who actually likes paying bills? No one, that's right, I have bright colors for all other activties, and I also have plenty of blank ones so that if I don't want to write it directly on the paper I can pretty it up and use a sticker. 

ECLP is broken down into 3 sections, morning, day, evening, which is fine for me, some people cover that up with custom stickers for something that is more geared towards their needs. I have my whole "life" in it, what I do each morning for working out, what I am eating through out the day, which blog post went live, and etc. 

The newest addition is, my dashboard I purchased the actual dashboard from a woman in an EC group on Facebook. I added flags, mini post its, and other various type of post its, so I could write on it, move it if I needed and anything else. I usually write down something on any of the post its if I need to do something, I write it down and post it in the day I want it to get done. If I don't get it done that day, I can easily move it to the next day. The flags usually help me if I need to "move" something that isn't actually movable but I don't want to take up space and re-write it down. 

Post its, flags, and really anything I can write on is what is my saving grace sometimes. At work, I get the most RANDOM ideas to blog about, like literally things to blog about wedding wise, work, workouts, my relationship, or just daily topics. It is INSANE, I'll be working and an idea will pop into my head, and I take out my little flower post it and jot it down. 

I also use my iPhone calendar to help remind me of what I need to do, ESPECIALLY anything having to do with CA and I. With our lives being busy, we both needed a quick easy place to see if we were busy or if just he or I were busy. Also helps with us with friends, parties, weddings, vacations, we know exactly what time, what day we are busy. I think the best part is that we can share a calender, so when WE have something together, we both know it, we schedule date nights, games (hockey, baseball), and family/friend parties. Anything that is in my calendar does go into my planner but if I don't feel like pulling out my planner I can just look through my phone. 
If I didn't have my planner I'd be more messy/disorganized than I already am, which is pretty scary. My phone DOES a great job, but I like to write things down, especially blogging ideas, or appoitments, I need to visually SEE it on paper, something about being on the phone just doesn't CLICK with me. 
What helps you keep organized?
Do you have an ECLP or a similar planner?
Do you just use your iPhone? {if so HOW?!} 

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