How to Have a Quiet Moment

5 years ago
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When we were little kids, my Mother developed a little practice that she still uses to this day. Whenever she felt the need to have some space (in hindsight, I kinda think she'd do this whenever she just wanted a nap), she would go to her bedroom and close the door. Just before she closed the door, she'd tell us: "Ok; I'm having my quiet moment."

My two brothers and I knew and understood exactly what "I'm having my quiet moment" meant. Unless the house was burning down or one of us was bleeding, Mother was not to be disturbed. It also meant that we needed to keep our voices down - or better yet, go find a book to read.

March has been a very eventful month - in a good way - so today, I'm having a quiet moment. I'm sitting outside soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the Spring breeze, and relishing the stillness. My mind is clear; my body and spirit are refreshed.

So, you wanna know how to have a Quiet Moment?

  • Retreat to your "peaceful place." That place can be your bedroom, front porch, deck - any place where you can enjoy some uninterrupted time.
  • Take some deep breaths, refocus, and re-center. Shut down any clamorous thoughts, and shut out any "duty oriented" thoughts that try to creep in. The goal is to clear your mind - the same way you would take a broom and sweep away leaves.
  • If you're outside, enjoy the elements: The feel of the warm sun against your skin, the delightfulness of the cool air, the sounds of nature. Remember, you're having a Quiet Moment - so luxuriate and enjoy those things you normally wouldn't even notice.
  • If you're inside, turn off the television or radio. Refuse to allow yourself to be distracted. Get in tune with you, and release everything else.

Today I'm fortunate enough to have the time off and on all day to enjoy some quiet moments, and I'm taking full advantage of them.


On April 1, I'm planning to post a recap of the events that made March such an awesome month. Rosetta Thurman, blog mistress over at Happy Black Woman, inspired me with her advocacy and example of engaging in reflection of each month of a year. At the end of the year, you're able to look back and reflect on the entire year

Even though January and February were a bit of a blur, I captured January because I blogged everyday. I blogged every week in February (and made sure to keep up with my  journal) so I have that month as well. March is going to mark my "official" start of reflecting on my months, so stay tuned for that post on Monday morning.

I believe I'm going to take BlogHer's April NaBloPoMo challenge for April, which means I'll be blogging every day (obviously I'm a glutton for punishment).

I'm so excited and grateful about life - I can't wait to see what April holds!

Join in the Fray: How do you have a Quiet Moment?

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