How to Find Lost Items Using Psychic Powers (Really)

4 years ago
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Approximately three months ago, I was losing my mind.

Anyone who has planned their own wedding can probably relate to this. The stress of planning, combined with starting a new job and board exams had me at the point of total melt down.

Lost Mind

It was during this unbelievably wonderful, yet hectic, time that I started misplacing things. Specifically, I lost a bracelet that my husband gave me. I had taken it to Savannah for my bachelorette party and couldn't remember where I put it post-trip. Part of me remembered seeing it in my luggage after returning home, the other part of me couldn't even remember when I unpacked my bags.

I only discovered it was missing last week, and I was completely heartbroken. I had an uneasy feeling that I might have left it in Savannah, especially with eight girls under one roof! I cried to my best friend but neither of us had any idea where to begin the search.

I started by looking through all of my jewelry, looking in my luggage, under the bed, in every drawer in my room and reorganizing my closet.

Nothing. Cue Tears.

Three nights ago, I was laying in bed feeling sad about my bracelet when I decided to Google "How Do I Find Something I Lost."

And per usual, Google delivered.

This is what I found: How to Find Lost Items Using Psychic Abilities

Now you're probably thinking WHHHAT? We didn't know you were a psychic!

You are correct, I'm definitely not a psychic. But, as Erin explains in her article, there are different ways to use your mind to locate something that you've misplaced in your space. I had a "feeling" that my bracelet was in my house and not in Savannah so I decided to try one of her suggestions:

If your primary psychic modality is clairsentience, which means clear-feeling, start walking around the area where you think you probably lost your precious item and try to feel a tug in your midsection pulling you in the direction of your lost item. Or you might feel a hot or cold sensation telling you if you’re near or far, respectively. You might feel a tingling sensation in your hands when you get close. Don’t use your logic. Feel for the tugging, temperature, or tingle. If the item is in the area you’re searching, you could easily find it using this technique.

I started walking around my bedroom, in the dark, waiting for a sensation. I felt drawn to the bathroom so I moved slowly in that direction. When I found myself inside the bathroom, I didn't feel anything. I stood in front of my medicine cabinet for a minute, listening for an inner tug and still nothing. I started slowly backing out of the bathroom and felt pulled towards my jewelry box, which lives on my dresser just outside the bathroom. I stood in front of my jewelry box and listened again. This time I felt drawn to a specific part of one of the trays in my jewelry box. So I slowly started moving my jewelry around, not expecting to find anything.

And then the unexpected happened. Sitting under my mungal sutra was the missing bracelet. I have no idea how it got there or why I missed it before, but somehow I knew it was there all along. I really couldn't believe my eyes. All the frustration and sadness that I had felt over possibly losing it was replaced with sheer joy. I was so excited I texted my best friend this picture at 10:39pm:

Lost and Found

I would say that the moral of this story is to check your jewelry box when you lose something, but that wouldn't be interesting. So the moral of THIS story is that sometimes you have to harness your inner psychic to find what you're looking for. Whether that means waiting for an inner tug or visualizing where it might be, it can help point you in the right direction.

Tell me, have you ever tried to harness your inner psychic? Do you even believe that psychic powers had anything to do with finding my bracelet?

Dr. Pragati Gusmano (@DoctorPragati) is a naturopathic doctor who believes that a happy + healthy life is the best medicine. You can read more on her blog, Simple Medicine.

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