How Feminism Has Ruined the World

7 years ago

Recently, I google blog searched the term feminism. I decided to this after looking for feminist perspectives on a specific topic that I planned to write about. When I put in various search terms and included the word feminism or feminist, many blogs spewing vitriol about the horrible things that feminists have done to what was otherwise a perfect world came up. I thought a search on just the word feminism might prove illustrative. Oh, how right my hunch was!

By far my favorite discovery from this academic exercise was a post from Andrea Grimes at Heartless Doll. Grimes deconstructed a ludicrous article in The Weekly Standard (a non-ludicrous article in The Weekly Standard would be an oxymoron, I know) about the "New Paleolithic." Any time an article compares our cavepeople ancestors' behavior to that of people today and finds people today lacking (due to feminism) is going to be ripe for raging mockery. Grimes more than delivers. Go read it now. Fall down laughing. I shall wait patiently. Brilliance. Grimes may be my new hero. I certainly worship her prowess.

On the not funny side, I learned that feminism is not about equality between the sexes, but female supremicism; that feminism is insane to question the objectivity of systems put in place only by men without any input from women; and the rise of feminism coincided with the increase in the incarceration rate of men and thus is responsible for the Prison Industrial Complex. OK, that last charge does make me laugh. I really liked this serious post by Colleen Hodgetts at Gender Across Borders about feminists and chocolate. (This really had nothing to do with how feminists ruined the world per se, but more about how we can help it by thinking about our food choices.)

After the chocolate and feminist post, I decided to narrow my search. I entered "feminists ruined the world." Seconds later, I learned many exciting things! Missy at Redefined Juliet wrote about how upset she was when a Christian radio show "talked about how feminists have ruined the family and the correct relationship between men and women by saying that women should be able to choose to work outside the home." Of course, this is old news to me. I clearly perverted my defined role in the universe by denying offspring to my husband, although that has nothing to do with my decision to work outside of the home.

Feminism, though, has not only ruin the family. It also, as Dorothy Parker at loon pond reports, ruined Catholicism for nuns. Her hilarious post about George Pell's comments on the soon-to-be sainted Mary McKillop is a treasure. See, Pell said that feminists forced nuns out of positions as leaders of Catholic hospital and secondary schools. Among other excellent, uproarious comments, Parker remarked:

Those bloody feminists. Drove the nuns out of the church they did, with their snarky shrewish ways, unlike the Pellists, who have the most wonderful attitude to women in power in the Catholic church. Provided they don't have anything to do with the important business in front of and behind the altar.

Then there's the always popular notion that feminism "women’s lives by making them fussy, neurotic whiners who Can’t Find Love," as noted by Thrifty Gal Tracey's Thrifty Tips. She's talking about Lori Gottlieb, who has a whole book about the lies that women tell themselves about finding partners of equal value when we should just take any dude who's willing to cum in us and give us offspring to raise without their household help. Perhaps that links back to feminism ruining the family, though.

Don't forget, feminists also ruined men by saying it is OK for them to cry. We ruined politics by running for office. We destroyed sports by reporting on them. We ruined domestic violence by making it illegal. We ruined rape by saying its never the victim's fault. Seriously, what good is the world after feminism?!?!? Let's just set off multiple nuclear devices and let the roaches take over. Anything, according to feminism's detractors, would be better than dealing with people who want men and women to live their lives as each individual best sees fit. Nothing could be more awful! Thank goodness for feminism!


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