How Facebook changed our life in 10 years?

4 years ago

From dumping your friend with a click to stalking your ex, let’s take a brief moment to review just a few of the ways Facebook has totally changed our lives.

Breakups got a lot harder

The downside of the relationship status updates is everyone knows your business, and some people feel inclined to comment. Keep your status with nothing or single – it’s not a big deal.

Addicted to Likes

Likes are affirmations of your life choices, but if you find yourself checking to see how many Likes a photo of your dinner gets, you’re a Like addict.

You lost the real meaning of ‘friend’

You count your old French teacher, a one-night stand you’d rather forget and a taxi driver you once had amongst your Facebook ‘friends’.

Your parents and employer know too much about your life Social stalking became acceptable

Checking your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend page or a work colleague status to see what they are up to, it’s social stalking, we’ve all done it!

For couple it’s not official until you’ve updated your Facebook status!

How Facebook changed your life in 10 years?

We are family, hmm…. really?

I live thousands of miles from most of my family, and I love logging on to Facebook and seeing what everyone is up to. Yes, I love baby photos, job updates, and seeing what everyone is planning next. If you have a family member you don’t get along with, this can be difficult, but with the newest tools on Facebook, you can unfollow them and adjust your preferences so they don’t see and comment on your posts. You have my permission to do this!

Tell us how Facebook has changed your life.

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