How Experiences Have an Edge Over Possessions?

2 months ago
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The new figures show more and more people continue to spend more of their money on gaining experience and less on money on purchasing things. The reason? Their long-term happiness is not dependent on the frequency and size of the purchases, but on producing longer-lasting satisfaction achieved on experiencing stuff like concerts, learning to make sushi-rolls classes and others. Read on to know how investing in experiences gives better returns comparatively-

  • Experiences bring unquantifiable pleasant feelings

Material items come with an expiration date, while experiences are invaluable and last forever. The satisfaction received from luxury items like car and house are likely to fade away over time. On the contrary, experiences provide access to endless pleasant feelings that can never lose their luster. Perhaps, you’ll never forget the moments spent with friends/family over dinner, while dancing and so on. Even the rarest gadgets or materialistic items can never replace life experiences.

  • Material items don’t enrich our identity

Experiences not only bring us enhanced satisfaction but also make up a core element of our identity. Unlike material goods, they help us grow as a person and enrich our overall personality. You can connect with your experiences but not with the luxury items. However, some of the people do consider material stuff as a part of their identity but they can never become a part of the person. Contrastingly, a person is the total of his/her experiences.

  • Experiences build strong social relationships

Is it possible for you to build a healthy social relationship on buying a luxury item? No, yeah! But with experiences, you can surely make your social relationships stronger. Things like discussing stuff about a book or any other asset with a person will bring you the pleasure of joy. Talking about common interests is one of the best ways to create the bond with people, which may not be the thing with common possessions.

  • Experiences take us into a new world of outlooks

Can you think of any better way to new perspectives other than gaining experiences? The answer will be a no is maximum cases. Traveling is indeed one of the best ways to know about different social norms, cultures, and perspectives if the people new to you. You’ll never learn this stuff in your classrooms, no matter how great is your institution. It’s not only the far and wide travels that can educate you about the world. Even a simple road will give you an amazing, fresh experience full of a new outlook.

  • Experiences teach life lessons

 It’s worth investing in experiences because they teach us the life lessons that can’t be acquired anywhere else. We learn the concepts of acceptance, patience, compassion, virtuousness, humbleness, and understanding in a better way through our experiences. Experiences not only endow people with facts and figures, but they bring a huge transformation in their lives. It is for learning these important life lessons that people prefer investing more in experiences.

Concluding Word 

Unlike, the worldly things experiences ignite the spark of inspiration within us. The physical and mental challenge of climbing the slope of experience brings out the good in us. Accepting the challenges and learning new stuff is gratifying in every aspect.