How do you cope when your husband travels?

5 years ago

My husband travels for business and every month or two he is gone for anywhere from a few days to a week.

He is currently in Seattle (haha it's raining there) and this time around I zeroed in on the pattern of behavior that I go through each and every time he travels.

Read through my stages of being a temporary single parent after the jump.

1. The Disclosure - Panic

R: I have to go to Seattle for business, probably next week.

Me: What? When exactly? I need to know the exact dates and times and oh my god there could be important things that you will miss! *panic* WHO WILL TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE? How will this affect meeeeee?

2.  The Day of Departure - Bitterness

R: I have to be at the airport at 6pm.

Me: Oh great - I guess you couldn't have booked a worse time for me to have to pack up a kid in the car and drive you all the way to the airport (5 miles away, heh) and back. Thanks for thinking of US.

R: Never mind, I'll cab.

3. The First Day Alone - Frustration

(35th time we've had some version of this conversation in one day)

Ender: Mommy!  MOMMY!  MOM! Mom! ... MOMMY! 

Me: Yes, E, what would you like?

Ender: More_______ please!

*this is when I want to punch my husband in the face for leaving me alone with a tyrant

4. Second Day Alone - Realization

Me: Why yes, Esmerelda, Ender and I can come out for a dinner play date. I got to bed at 9pm last night! I feel great. And I don't have to stay home and do dishes because when R is away the dish load is literally cut in half! Wheee!

5. Third Day Alone - Party Time

Me: Come over for a glass of wine after E goes down, ladies! We'll talk about periods and pregnancy and childbirth and Ryan Gosling and watch reality shows on TV!  Yay!!!

*this is the day that I realize I don't have to figure out dinner or listen to how my husband's very interesting day at work was and that I can have grown up lady talk with no man around to ruin it

6. Fourth Day Alone - In the Groove

Laundry is caught up because there aren't 17 pairs of man-sized socks and underwear every day. Dishes are done. Kitchen is clean. Bathroom is rid of beard hair shavings. No towels on the floor.

I am beholden to no man! Roar!

7. Day Five - The Return

R: So how did it go?

Me: It was pretty awful - it's really hard when you are gone. I miss you so much and E gets really upset that you are away.

R: Is that popcorn in our bed? And the mac book with Jake & the Neverland Pirates on a continual loop playing on the bedside table? Why are there 74 hot wheels arranged in an elaborate crash scene on the family room floor and not put away? Did you drink all the wine?

Me: What? Noooo.  Let's just get you unpacked. Oh, and it's your turn to put Ender to bed because I had to do it all week. Welcome home :)

It's a darned good thing my husband is blessed with infinite patience. It kind of makes him immune to my bouts of neurotic oddness.

How do YOU cope when your husband/partner travels for business or pleasure? Book as many play dates as possible? Plan 'special' nights with the kiddo(s) like movie night? Do fun things like breakfast for dinner? Have activities planned at home like crafts etc? (I do all those things). What about you?




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