How to Create Cool Titles for your Blog

7 years ago
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How do you keep your blog fresh?  Do you ever have days when you can't think of a cool title for your blog?  Today has been a day for me.  I need to go write my first NaBloPoMo blog post of the day on my participating blog.

I couldn't think of too much this morning and then decided to kind of search around the internet for ideas.  Drawing a real blank.

Instead I came up with a title for my Mommie Dearest 101 blog this morning.  Instead, it seemed that I was able to come up with two posts there a little bit easier.

I think I came up with something like:  How do Moms survive the Witching Hour?  and then the other one was kind of like a list of what defines a mother.

Sometimes  we can come up with titles just like that and then go into the process of writing.  Then the words just seem to come easy.  Unless if we somehow get writer's block.  It happens.

It's good to keep up to date on reading blogs of others to see what people are writing about.  Look at the titles that people come up with on any sight.  Think to yourself if their topic would interest you and then write your own title and take on the topic.

Sometimes it is good to come up with a log or a little journal where you can jot down ideas about good titles that might make a good and interesting post.  Write down anything, as if it isn't a title for a blog, it might be a title for a poem, short story or a novel.  You never know what can turn into something.

How about an idea for sparks for your poetry.  Write down a line from each poem that you read and then come up with your own poem utilizing part of a line of a poem.  See where it takes you.

Read anything and everything under the sun.  You never know where you are going to get your next title.  I've been getting little newsletters from Pushing Social which is kind of interesting.  Be careful about trying to register your blog there though.  I thought it was a free site and signed up my blog.  As soon as it was signed up, I got an email for an invoice from them.  I had to correct them that I didn't sign up for anything, so they cancelled it.

Most places are upfront and you can clearly see their package rates and you can choose to not go any further.  But some places are kind of secretive and then surprise you with something.

I like to go to yahoo trends or google trends for some ideas too.  I don't usually get too many ideas there but sometimes there is something I like to write about.  Like for instance Khloe Kardashian's new rumor about not being her father's daughter.

I came here and found the verses that I remembered and liked.

What's in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.  William Shakespeare.

I always kind of remembered that poem, but couldn't remember the whole verse and couldn't remember who wrote it.

All flowers smell sweet.  I also like the smell of peonies.  But roses are my favorites.

I'm going to seriously try keeping some notes for blog titles.  It definitely sounds like a good thing to try. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 14, 2012


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