How To Clean Up Your Home After A Water Leak Or Flood

4 months ago

If you’ve had water get in your home before, you know that it can be an overwhelming event. However, it is important that you act quickly to try to keep further damage from occurring. Here’s how to clean up your home to avoid extensive water damage.

Unplug Appliances

If you have a leaking pipe or even a roof leak near any electric devices, you need to unplug them. It’s also a good idea to turn off the power to your home to keep from suffering from an electrical shock. If you aren’t sure whether or not any of your electronics got wet, you should err on the side of caution and unplug them anyways. Even if the appliances no longer work because of water damage, they should still be unplugged.

Remove Any Wet Belongings

It’s important to remove all of the wet belongings that you can. This includes items like rugs and furniture. Even if these items are salvageable, it’s import to remove them so that they can dry out and they don’t incur any further damage. For larger items, like couches or beds, it may be necessary to have a company come out to your residence to remove the water so that mold doesn’t start growing. Removing these items can eliminate the overall moisture in the house as well and help the area dry out faster.

Dry As Much Of The Interior Space As Much As Possible

You can sometimes keep extensive damage from occurring by drying the space as soon as any unwanted water appears in your home. Mop up the area as much as possible, use towels to dry walls and use a shopvac to remove large quantities of water. After you have removed as much water as you can, use a fan to dry up the water. Also, place a dehumidifier in the area to remove any moisture. It’s also a good idea to open up windows and doors if the weather is nice.

Hire A Professional

Sometimes there’s a lot of water in a home or so much damage that you may need to hire a professional. If your home has water damage downriver Michigan you can greatly benefit from having a professional come out to your residence and inspecting your home. They can offer you advice as the best way to proceed and get your home back in the condition that it used to be in.

In conclusion, if you have water come into your home from things like a broken pipe or a roof leak, act quickly. By taking the above steps you can help minimize some of the damage. After you’ve done as much as you can, make sure you hire a professional that is experienced when it comes to fixing homes that have incurred water damage. Just remember that water damage doesn’t have to affect your home forever as long as you take the steps necessary to remove the water and hire a professional that can help you in this daunting task.

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